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10 Of The Best Miniature Golf Courses America Has To Offer

No matter where you are in the country, there are miniature golf courses abound. Here are our 10 favorite ones nationwide.

Whether you’re a real fan of golf, or just someone that likes to have some fun playing casual sports, miniature golf courses offer a ton of fun for everyone.  But finding the right courses that are really worth playing, amongst all the standard fare that you’ll find in any town, is really key to ensuring that you’re able to have just the brand of fun that you’re looking for.  There are a lot of truly unique and exciting courses in America, and it’s just a matter of seeking them out, to ensure you’re going to have a fun and different experience you’ve never had before.  Here are 10 of the best miniature golf courses that you’ll find anywhere:

1) Around the World in 18 Holes

Located in Lake George, New York, this is one of the most unique miniature golfing wonderlands because of what it presents.  Here you’ll find a full 18 holes, each one designed and modeled after a different country. This way, you can feel as though you’ve traveled the entire world in the span of a few hours, as you have fun trotting the blog miniature golf style.

2) Glowing Greens

If you’re after one of the most unique and visually stimulating experiences that you can have golfing, this is the place for you.  Located in Oregon, each hole on the course features a special type of design by which they feature black light glowing designs so they are really a feast for the eyes.  What you will also find is that many of the holes are actually fully 3D visual feasts, as you’ll be able to enjoy throughout the use of special glasses.

3) Dottie’s Miniature Golf

Located in Pittsburgh, PA this is one of the few courses on the list that actually features a design by a real golf pro, namely Arnold Palmer himself. While it may not have the high tech glitz and glamour of other courses, it does have real nostalgia, which virtually guarantees taking a trip back through time to a simpler time.

4) Mayday Golf

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina isn’t home to just championship courses and quality professional courses.  You’ll also find great miniature golf courses, and that begins with the Mayday.  This is a special type of course that’s designed to look and feel as though you’re marooned on a tropical island, and all of the holes are specially designed as such.

5) Haunted Trails

If you’re in the state of Illinois, you may want to think about traveling to the Haunted Trails golf course if you’re looking for a mini golf experience with a few fun scares.  Here all the holes are inspired by horror icons as well as classic creatures.  Whether it’s vampires, mummies, zombies or Frankenstein, you’ll find everything here you could want.

6) Jolly Roger miniature golf courses

Located in Ocean City, here you’re going to find two courses that provide you with total pirate fun and joy.  You can either choose the Treasure Hunt or Jungle golf courses, each featuring the types of scenery you would expect given the names that they bear.

7) Lexington Ice Center

If it’s biblical fun that you’re after, this is where you want to go, located right in Kentucky.  Here you’re going to find three courses all inspired by the Christian bible, the Old Testament course, New Testament and a Miracles miniature golf course.

8) Ahlgrim Acres

Residing in Palatine, Illinois, this is a very different type of mini golf experience, because it’s located in the basement of a funeral home.  Meant to be a great way for you to kill the grief after the loss of a loved one, this can also provide one of the most unique courses you’ll ever play, that’s actual quite a challenge with plenty of fun mixed in at the same time.

9) Par-King

One of the more unique courses on the list, this really offers golf like you’ve never experienced it before.  What you get at the Par-King course, is a roller coaster golfing experience, in which all of the holes feel like an amusement park all to themselves.  In fact, it’s such a draw that it’s stiff competition for the actual championship course located in the same area.

10) Disney’s Winter Summerland miniature golf course

If you happen to be in Orlando, Florida visiting Disney World, why not stop off at one of the best mini golfing centers you’ll find anywhere in the country. Here you’ll get two full courses, one representing all the sand you would expect from a summer hotspot, with the other embodying all the finest points of a winter wonderland.  Plus all the Disney charm you could want is thrown in, virtually guaranteeing total family fun.

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