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10 Tips For Developing The Perfect Golf Swing

Ahh, the perfect golf swing. We all dream about it but find it elusive and frustratingly difficult. Rest assured, following these 10 tips and tricks can get you there.

Everyone wants to discover their own best possible swing when they’re teeing off on every hole of the golf course.  However, that takes a lot of time and effort no matter how good you are at the sport.  That’s because there are a lot of pointers that many people just aren’t aware of, that can really change the way that your swing reacts, or that can totally change your level of control.  But unlocking the perfect golf swing is not impossible, it’s just more a matter of understanding the components of what makes a swing inherently good or bad.  Here are 10 things to keep in mind, and that you can use to tweak your swing.

1) Keep it natural.

There are two definitions when referring to a swing, either natural, or a mechanical swing.  A mechanical swing is one that’s been constantly changed and adjusted, so that you are thinking more about form than connecting with the ball.  But a natural swing is how your body wants to go, and it’s always a lot easier working this way, even if your form is not as ideal technically speaking.

2) Work with your swing disposition.

Another aspect of the perfect golf swing, is that you have to realize that you’re going to have a predisposition as to where the ball is most likely to gently swerve.  Whether it’s to the right for a fade swing, or to the left for a draw string.  You can eliminate major swerves with practice, but learn to adjust to the natural flight your swing will take so you don’t sacrifice power to adjust form.

3) Maintain the perfect golf grip.

That means you want to have your hands in one of the most comfortable grip placements possible.  But you also want to be sure that you’re holding tightly so that your club doesn’t twist, but not too tightly so that you can’t move naturally. It’s always about moving natural, and the perfect golf grip allows you to do that.

4) Line up properly.

This is one of those more basic perfect golf swing mechanics, but also one of the more frustrating even for seasoned pros.  It can help to buy a laser golf level, so that you can make sure that your feet and hips are squared around the ball.  This way, you’re in the best possible position for getting a ton of power behind your connection especially when you’re going to be driving.

5) Don’t take your eye off the ball.

This is really a beginner mistake, because your eye should not leave the ball the entire time that you’re swinging the club.  That way, you can be sure that you’re watching your connection to guarantee it’s going to be spot on, so that you give yourself the best chance of a perfect hit.  The more centrally you hit the ball on your club, the further it’s going to sail, and you can only do this by maintaining eye contact.

6) Take a few practice swings.

Before you actually make your final hit and your first official stroke, step to the side and take a few practice swings.  This does two things, on the one hand it loosens you up and ensures your form will be more natural and intuitive.  Number two, it allows you to collect yourself and concentrate, as well as go through the motions of a good swing quickly, before actually making the attempt, so there’s less pressure.

7) Don’t forget to practice the other components of your swing.

Two factors you have to get feeling natural are your head turn, and foot pivot.  While your swing might be natural enough, both of these have to come together so that you can turn into the ball, and see where it lands, without affecting your swing.  Those that are not good at the pivot then do so while taking away from their overall swing quality, and that’s something you don’t want. 

8) Sometimes you need a training aide.

If you’re still not getting the distance down, maybe it’s not down to your swing.  Instead, try getting some sort of resistance training aide, whether it’s a heavier club, or a drag chute for your driver, so that you can build up more muslce in practice.  This will have you swinging much faster than before, and you’re going to see that type of difference translate on the course.

9) A little professional instruction never hurt anyone.

Most golf courses offer golf clinics, in which you can learn more about a golf swing form either certified instructors, or real former golf pros.  There you can get a better understanding about what the perfect golf swing is going to be for the way that you play, from people that really know what they’re talking about.

10) Relax

This is one of the hardest steps, especially if you’re playing in a tournament, or for money.  But relaxing is the most major type of key that’s guaranteed to deliver the perfect golf swing.  The PGA pros always look calm don’t they?  And it’s because when you’re angry or stressed your muscles tense up, and it’s going to affect your game, as the slightest negative in your form will when it comes to golf.  When you can learn to really relax and just play, that’s when your swing is going to come full circle.

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