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3 Factors of Golf Cart Tires to Consider Before You Buy

Being informed when buying golf cart tires can result in a longer lasting purchase that you're happy with. Always keep the following three factors in mind.

Though you may not realize, the types of golf cart tires that you buy is actually really important.  You have to buy the right types of tires for how you’re going to be using your cart, where you’re going to be driving, and even for how fast you want to drive.  But you need to think about things like how well your tires will hold up over time, and even just what size is going to be right for your golf cart in general.  Without buying the right tires, you’re going to find that you’re just not going to get the performance that you want out of your cart, and that’s going to be a problem.

But not to worry, as there are plenty of different types of golf cart tires out there, that are guaranteed to work with any model of cart, and that are also guaranteed to provide performance on any surface.  It’s just a matter of knowing which tires you need, based upon what you’re looking to get out of your cart.  Here are a few standards that you can use to help to judge which types of golf cart tires are going to be right for you, and which are going to get the job done on the street, or the golf course:

1) Consider the brand of your golf cart.

This is a big one to know, as different brands and makes and models are going to have different requirements of tire size.  For example, with a standard cart from a brand like Club Car, you may need a different size or type of tire than what you would need if you were for an EZ Go cart, or a Yamaha golf cart as well.  It’s really important you know your exact model, as it can differ the type of tire that you need by a few inches, due to the different construction of your cart.

2) Always factor in what your cart is used for.

This is a going to be a major decision as well.  For example, if you have a utility model, you’re going to need golf cart tires that can put up with a heck of a lot more weight and that can handle a lot more abuse as well without giving way.  But you’re also going to find that when it comes to tires you need the right type for carrying several passengers in passenger type carts, so that you can guarantee a smooth and easy ride.  There are different golf cart parts like these for almost any purpose, and it’s vital that you find the right sort.

3) Finally, really consider the terrain upon which you’ll be driving.

Something else that you’re going to find when hunting down the right golf cart tires, is ensuring that you have proper tires for where you’re going to be driving.  Golf carts are made to go a heck of a lot more places than just the golf green.  In fact, you’ll find that you can take yours into the woods and more rural terrain, and you can also take them onto the street.  But you need tires that can handle those surfaces.

– Grass tires

This is what you want if you’re going to be using the cart primarily on the golf course.  They feature much smaller more smooth types of treads that can still grip the ground properly.  But they also aren’t going to tear up the turf, so that the cart can be driven around without actually doing damage to the delicate surface upon which you’re going to be playing.

– Street tires

However, if you have a street legal cart that you’re going to be driving down the street all the time, then you need to have tires that are built for a bit more speed.  They also need to be built to handle the unique type of terrain that you encounter on the road.  While the road is very smooth, you still have to be able to grip the asphalt so that you’re in full control of the cart, and only road tires will do here.

– Rugged tires

Of course, if you take your cart hunting, or just gallivanting around the outdoors, then you want to go with tires that are built to handle some rough situations.  That means you want big durable tires that have large and more pronounced treads.  This way, they can churn through just about anything without too much issue, which is what you’re going to need when it comes to driving over different harsh surfaces.

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