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4 Factors of Golf Watches That Can Make All The Difference

When shopping for golf watches, you'll want to keep the following four factors in mind to ensure the best piece.

Watch shopping takes a certain amount of expertise if you’re going to hunt down quality from the nameless brands that tend to dominate the market.  And that’s why you need to know what you’re looking for beforehand.  When you’re trying to hunt down different types of golf watches, you want to find something that’s sporty, logical for wearing out on the course, and yet that can also provide you with a useful service in some cases.  There a lot of different sorts out there, marketed exclusively for golfers, which is why you have to know how to shop.

There are a few things that you want to look at when it actually does come to which golf watches you’re going to choose.  You have to be sure they are properly durable, but you also want to be sure that they have some features that make them truly worthwhile.  You’re going to find that there are a lot of different types of watches out there however, so it’s pretty easy to get caught up in purchasing the right item for yourself, or even as a great gift for dad. But by following these standards, you can be sure you find the right item:

1) First and foremost, you need a watch with a durable construction.

Sure golf isn’t the type of sport where you’re expected to do a lot of physical activity, but you still want to have a watch that’s going to be able to stand the test of time.  You’re still going to be slamming your watch around quite a bit, so it’s vital that you’re able to ensure it’s survival. That’s why just about all golf watches are made from titanium bodies.  It’s just built to last and you can ensure it’s going to stand up to the demands of your sport.

But you also want to choose a durable yet stylish strap that’s going to be able to put up with the punishment as well.  That’s why you want to go with those watches that feature soft yet durable leather.  Leather is really hard to rip, or for it to snap off under duress.  That’s what makes it a perfect addition to your watch as it’s going to feel great, but also ensure that nothing happens when you’re in the middle of a swing.

2) You have to have a water resistant watch.

Sure with most golf watches you’re not exactly going to be diving in the water, and golf isn’t really an all weather sport, but it is a sport where you fall victim to the weather. You’re going to find that you never know when it could start raining, and the same is true for a little sprinkle here and there as well.  Lesser watches can get pulverized by just a slight amount of water, and that’s almost always going to be a problem.  But with the right type of water resistant watch, this is not going to be an issue, guaranteed.

3) Consider watches that can do more than the normal type.

There are several different types of handy golf watches out there that allow you to do all sorts of things like keep score, or even track your shots.  For example, may of these will function as golf score watches, so that you can actually edit your score as you go along, and change things in real time to keep track of how you’re performing.  But you’re also going to find that there are gps watches too.  Offered up by Garmin, you can get watches with golf GPS built right in, so you can find out your exact distance from the hole every time.

4) Choosing a brand that will give you confidence.

Finding the right type of golf watches based upon the brand that produced them is really important, this way you can be sure that you’re getting total quality before using.  This is why you want to trust to brands like Garmin, Citizen Eco-Drive, even Tag Heuer.  All of these are known for producing great golfing watches, which makes them ideal equipment to consider either for gifts, or just for spoiling yourself as well, the next time you’re heading out for a round.

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