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4 Tips For Shipping Golf Clubs Safely

Shipping golf clubs and don't know where to start? Don't despair, we've got you covered.

Whether you’re moving, or going on a vacation where you’re going to need your clubs, shipping golf clubs can be something that you have to know how to do.  That means you have to be very aware of the best techniques that you can use to be sure that your clubs go from point A to point B safely.  While a golf club may seem strong on the outside, the truth of the matter is that they are pretty easy to bend out of shape, and even ruin under the wrong types of conditions.  For that reason, you have to take special care of them, especially when you spend the money to get a custom set for your handicap.

This means there are several precautions that you’re going to want to take, especially when you’re looking to keep your clubs totally safe.  Mostly, there are some supplies, such as golf club boxes that you’re going to want to use, in addition to other packing and shipping materials.  That way, you can guarantee your safety of your clubs, as they are traveling from across the country, or even across the world.  Here are 4 tips that you can utilize to be sure that your clubs make the journey safely:

1) Buy the right golf club boxes.

This is actually really important for shipping golf clubs, so that you can be sure they are totally protected.  For that you want to look into two things.  Number one, you want your box to be really long, but not very wide.  This way the box is long enough for the club, but is narrow enough to be more physically sturdy, so there’s less chance of collapsing and club damage.  Number two, you want your golf club boxes to also be extremely rigid and sturdy, so it’s important that they are made from a really thick cardboard.  That way, you can be sure that they are built to last, and that they are going to persevere through just about anything.

2) Make sure you have other packing essentials covered.

It’s really important that you also pack the clubs with plenty of support, so it’s important to have a frame that’s going to keep them in place.  Usually this is best done with cardboard or Styrofoam, and you can find frames for both purposes.  This is just a stabilizing measure, to make sure that the club is held rigidly in place, so that it’s not going to wobble around as much.  You want full support throughout, otherwise the club can take on slight bends or a misshapen quality to the shaft, both of which are things you don’t want.

3) Packing materials to account for jostling.

What you also want to add to your golf club shipping boxes for extra protection, is some form of damage absorbency material, so that you can be sure that the clubs are impervious to any sort of damage that could befall them.  For that, you want to be sure that you have something like bubble wrap, or even packing peanuts.  These will absorb the damage that can occur from falls, or anything else of the sort, so that you can be sure nothing gets through to the club itself.

4) Find a shipping company you can trust.

That means going with a big name that you haven’t had problems with before.  For example, by shipping golf clubs FedEx you can be sure that you’re able to get them anywhere in the world that they need to be.  But you can also be sure that they are going to arrive without a scratch.  Plus the big companies like FedEx and UPS are also going to allow you insurance, so that even if something goes wrong in shipment, there’s no worry for replacing your clubs, as the shipper will do so.

Of course, finding packing supplies for your clubs is not always easily done at just any store, so there are opportunities where you can buy boxes and other items online.  Through retailers like, you can find just about any types of specialty boxes or safety equipment that you could want to be sure that your clubs get to your destination as safely as can be.

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