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4 Ways That Golf Belly Putters Can Take Strokes Off Your Short Game

Looking to fine tune your putting skills? Who isn't? Belly putters are one of the best ways to get there.

Working on your ability on the green in golf is one of the hardest skills for anyone to master.  Everyone can master hitting a ball hard and far, as it’s something that’s a lot more naturally done because there isn’t a great deal of accuracy that’s necessarily required or needed in most cases.  However, the short part of the game requires maximum accuracy, and a masterful ability to really control the ball.  That’s where belly putters can be the perfect solution when you’re looking for the most ideal way to make the most out of your game.  They are going to both improve technique, as well as tone your ability, so that you can ensure you’re making a clean and perfect connection every single time.

These are putters that are specially made to provide you with the perfect practice asset, so that you can literally work on all the most pivotal points of putting.  With the right type of putter, you’re going to be able to get that much more of a clean connection, as well as that much more of a true swinging motion that’s going to make all the difference.  In fact, here are four fantastic ways that belly putters are guaranteed to take strokes off your short game, and how they will make you a better golfer when everything is said and done.

1) This type of putter encourages proper stance.

The problem just going out and using a standard putter right away, is that they are quite a bit shorter, and already presume that you know the right method for holding and hitting the ball with them.  But that is not always true, and you’re going to find that it takes practice to develop proper technique.  That’s where belly putters come in handy, as they guide you through the necessary process to hit the ball much more truly.  They are elongated, and feature a much longer shaft that is meant to almost touch your belly, so that you know just how you should be standing over the ball.

2) Belly putters feature more weight, so they engage the larger muscles of your upper body.

Another huge facet of putting that most people don’t realize, is that it’s all in the shoulders and the hips, but most people try to naturally hit the ball with their wrists and arms.  That’s the wrong strategy, and it’s going to have you losing control of the ball when you try to play it into the hole.  But with the heavier training putters like these, they are going to force you to use your shoulders and hips, instead of the wrists, so that you utilize proper form in order to engage and control the club.

3) Special club head design encourages more accurate and clean hits.

Another thing that you’re always going to find with putters like these is that they feature unique head shapes, in which they always have a large weight or similar type of device that comes off the back of the club. But that is always split into two sections.  The reason being the middle section where there is no weight is your target, so that you can hit the ball more cleanly.  This way, you have an idea as to where your center is, so that you know where you should be connecting with the ball in order to have maximum control. 

4) Belly putters work to build confidence when you’re on the green.

Because of the special design and how much harder you actually have to work when it comes to the way these putters are used, they are going to build a lot of confidence.  That’s because they are a lot more difficult to use, and the better and better that you get at using them, the easier it’s going to be when it comes time to use a standard putter.  This way, you can ensure that your golf game develops to the point playing on the green feels routine, and like something you can always do perfectly.

In addition to how they can help you, there are also a variety of both new and used belly putters for sale from all sorts of golf outlets. That ensures that you can find the right type of putter for your needs, depending upon the size and style that you would most like to use. That way, you’re assured of finding the club that’s most attuned to your golfing style, and therefore the one that’s going to be perfect for developing your golf game on the green.

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