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5 Advantages of Using Golf Cart Enclosures

Golf cart enclosures will make it possible to drive in all forms of weather, adding some great protection from rain as well to extend lifespan. Here are five reasons to add them to your vehicle.

The golf cart is a vehicle that’s all about customization, and there’s a lot that you can do with them, when it comes to changing and adding different features, and really customizing them to work for you.  That’s why considering something like golf cart enclosures is important, so that you can increase the use of your cart.  You’ll find that adding an enclosure completely adds a different dimension to the cart itself, and can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a utility or all weather cart.

There are several reasons why adding golf cart enclosures can be the best possible investment that you make into customizing your cart.  And in fact you want to look into these when considering to see if enclosures are really the way that you want to go.  You do want to realize that sometimes they can be a lot of work, and can also be pretty expensive to install.  But if you’re interested in using your cart for more than just golf, you’ll find that they are an ideal investment.

Here are 5 advantages that you’ll find from using golf cart enclosures, and the way that they can change your cart for the better:

1) Stay out of the rain on poor weather days.

The main thing that an enclosure can do, is save you from the rain.  Because of the way that they are designed to add windows as well as doors onto the sides and front and back of the cart, you can be sure that things like rain, sleet or even snow roll right off them.  So if you get trapped out on the course when the bad weather starts, or if you’re using your cart as a way to service an apartment village, you’ll be able to stay out of the bad weather completely.

2) Make your golf cart street legal.

With the right types of Club Car enclosures you’re going to find that you can even make your cart totally street legal as a motor vehicle.  There are certain requirements of street legal cars, and one of them is the actual structure of the cart.  With the right type of solid enclosure, you can make your golf cart more like a miniature car, so that you can drive then anywhere around your home, without having to worry about getting in trouble for a vehicle that isn’t considered safe for road use.

3) Control the climate inside your cart.

Tired of golfing on those really hot days?  Well why not invest in golf cart enclosures and an air conditioning system?  With these two features you can control the climate inside the cart, so that as you’re going from hole to hole you can stay in the wonderful cool of AC no matter how harsh the weather is outside.  Sure PGA tour champs have to brave rough conditions sometimes in order to golf, but you don’t have to, and with the right golf cart enclosures and AC systems you can make sure that golf stays as relaxing as it should be.

4) Customize the style of your cart.

Something that the right enclosures are going to do, is allow you to actually totally customize the look of your cart.  With the right ones, you’re going to be able to improve the overall style of your cart, with fantastic vintage, classic or even custom types of enclosures.  You can find those that will make your cart look like a Hummer, that can convert the vehicle into a sports car type of structure, or practically anything else that you could possibly want as well.

5) Increase the overall life and use of your cart.

The right golf cart enclosures actually do a lot more than make the cart cool, or enhance it’s visual style.  What you’re going to get with the right enclosure is total coverage in terms of protection from the elements.  The right type of enclosure is able to drape over the entire body of the cart to protect against moisture, dust and even just sitting in the sun which can also be harmful.  This way, you’re going to experience a lot less wear and tear, and your cart will last that much longer as a result.

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