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5 Companies to Consider When Buying Golf Knickers

Golf knickers are a great choice of pants on the course, bringing back that vintage apparel from the classic days of the sport. Here are 5 companies that offer top notch options.

There are a variety of pants available that are designed specifically for wearing while playing golf. These come in a few different styles and for golfers that want to wear a more traditional fashion, golf knickers are an option to consider. While these were typically a more popular style in days gone by, there are a number of companies that produce them and many golfers still enjoy wearing the style.

The T. Barry Knicker Co.

The T. Barry Knicker Company was founded by Timothy Barry around 30 years ago and focuses on producing high quality traditional style golf apparel. They have produced outfits for a range of celebrities including professional golfers, actors and politicians and their golf wear is available to professionals and amateurs alike. They produce golf knickers for both men and women and they are available in a variety of colors and patterns. The men’s collection comes in a few different looks with pre-made classic and executive styles, as well as custom made knickers being available. Costs for these can vary from around $120 for a pair of executive knickers to $230 for a pair of classic knickers in tropical gabardine. The ladies knickers collections come in a classic style and are available for a price of around $165 to $230.

St. Andrews Traditional Golfwear

St. Andrews Traditional Golfwear produces a traditional style of golf knickers using a modern material. Their knickers for golf are manufactured using 100% microfiber gabardine and this makes them both stylish and comfortable. They have both men’s and women’s knickers available and these are produced in a plain style with a wide variety of colors available. The knickers have a range of features which make them suitable for golfing wear and this includes a ball and tee pocket, rear pockets which can hold a score card or golf glove, comfort fit waist for ease of wear and an integrated ball marker. The cost for both the men’s and women’s knickers is $70.


GolfKnickers is considered to be a good retailer to look to for those that are interested in wearing classic golfing apparel on the course. The company has a range of golf knickers available and these come in both ladies and gentlemen’s styles. They have both plain and patterned looks available and these are manufactured in a variety of materials including cotton, linen, microfiber and wool blend. The golf knickers come in a variety of colors, and costs can range from around $70 to $180.

Piccolo Pazzo

For golfers that are looking to purchase a pair of custom fit golf knickers, Piccolo Pazzo is a company to consider. They can manufacture custom made knickers for golf in a range of materials to suit the weather conditions that you typically play in. These range from light materials such as polyester/cotton twill to heavier materials such as denim. The materials available come in a variety of colors with both plain and patterned options available. The knickers are manufactured with features to make them comfortable and practical, and this includes expandable waist and leg bands, color coordinated belt and also side pockets, one of which includes a tee section. Knickers can be produced for both men and women and costs can typically range from around $100 to $140.


McKnickers produces a range of traditional golf wear for sale and this includes plus fours and golf knickers. Their collection includes plain men’s knickers in three colors, including black, khaki and crème. These are produced in a lightweight material and include features such as a detachable ball marker, four pockets which can be used for carrying golf gloves, scorecards and tees and two-inch elastic bands at the hems to ensure the knickers are both stylish and comfortable. The knickers are available in a variety of waist sizes and cost $70 to purchase.

For those that like to be stylish on the golf course, wearing golf knickers is a look to consider. They are a traditional fashion that has been worn by golfers for many years and can be both comfortable and practical to wear. The companies identified above are some of those to consider when looking to purchase knickers for golf and they produce a range of styles to suit the taste of most golfers.

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