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5 Factors Of Gas Powered Golf Carts You Need To Look at Before Buying

When buying gas powered golf carts, it's important to be a fully informed shopper. Knowing these five factors will ensure that you are.

Nobody wants to be ripped off, and that’s why it’s so vital you know how to shop smartly, no matter what it is that you’re going to be buying.  When considering gas powered golf carts, you want to be sure that you’re going to be able to hunt something down that’s going to be really ideal for whatever you need the golf cart.  These are really the only type that can ever be street legal, and they are really the only choice when it comes to picking out the right cart when you need something for utility purposes.  It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for in a good cart.

Something that you’re almost always going to find with gas powered golf carts is that unfortunately some people will try to hide the flaws of a cart in order to make the sale.  That’s why you have to be a bit careful, and you have to know what to look for so that you can distinguish a good cart from a poor one that’s not going to be worth the money.  This way, you can be totally sure that you’re buying only those items that are going to get the job done, instead of a cart that’s been on it’s last legs for some time, and that’s really just waiting to give out completely.

So here are some things to keep aware of, so that you can be sure you’re buying quality:

1) Always take a look at the engine and tires first.

Here is where you’ll learn about how much work needs to go into the cart before it’s going to be able to run like you want it to.  You want to take a look at the engine and make sure everything looks together, you want to be sure that nothing looks out of place.  But you also want to look at the tires to see any wear as well, as those can be costly to replace, and are often something that you will have to replace when buying.  You want to build that into the price you’re willing to pay, so that you can talk them down if the cart does need some work.

2) Now you always want to start the engine up.

This way, you can give it a listen so that you can determine that everything seems to be running normally.  A major problem that you can have even with an engine that looks okay, is to discover that it sputters out or sounds like it’s a mile away from dying when you start them up.  That’s why you always want to start up and rev the engine a few times, so that you can get an idea as to how it really sounds. This way, you’re able to see the overall performance of the machine, but you’re also able to look at things like how old or new the engine sounds, which should really affect the price you pay.

3) Always test drive to get an idea of acceleration.

If you’re buying your used gas powered golf carts for street use you have to make sure that they have the power to drive on the street. This means they have to be able to do two things.  On the one hand they have to be fast enough to even get on the street.  But on the other hand, they also need to have great acceleration so that they can jump from sitting to top speed pretty quick as well.  Gas combustion engines should be able to get this done for you, but you’re going to find that with an older more beat up engine you’re still going to have some issues.

4) See how your cart handles the rises of a golf course.

This is really important, so that you can see how your cart is going to be able to handle the common terrain that you’ll be over.  An older model or a more beat up engine is going to have some trouble on the climbs.  But your average gas powered model really shouldn’t have any trouble climbing if they are actually in great shape.

5) Always ask about gas mileage.

With a newer engine, or just one that’s been well maintained, you’ll find that they should get pretty great gas mileage.  But as engines get older and they build up more wear and tear, they are not going to be able to get as far without needing more and more gas.

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