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5 Features Your Golf League Software Needs to Have

Golf league software makes tracking results worlds easier, but no program should be without any of these five features.

So you’re thinking about starting up your own local golf league, but managing everyone’s statistics is proving to be a chore?  Then you probably want to invest in some good golf league software, in order to track all those statistics for you.  There’s a lot that comes with golf, whether it’s calculating score, overall stats, as well as your handicap, you have to be sure that you’re able to keep on top of everything.  This way, you can be sure that you have the right type of asset to make running your league what it should be, and that’s fun.

When things are getting overly complicated with something like a sport, which is supposed to be so much fun, you’re going to find that it really takes a lot of the enjoyment out.  That’s why finding an asset to make all the stat keeping easier is so essential.  This way, you don’t have to pour over the numbers yourself, and you can see where people stand immediately.  With the right type of golf league software program, you can be sure that you have just that, but it also means narrowing down which is the right type for you.

There are a few things that you have to think about when it comes to software like this, and some of the topics that you have to consider are going to include:

1) Real time handicap tracking.

Keeping track of everyone’s handicap is a necessity, so that you’re setting everyone up on the course in the right way.  Theoretically because of the way that golf handicaps actually work, you should be able to play anyone against anyone, and have the game be fair enough to tell who’s actually better for their skill level.  With the right type of software you should be able to compare and track handicaps.   But more importantly, you should also be able to update them, so that as golfers get better, the game gets harder for them, so that you’re able to keep things as fair as possible.

2) Keep better track of the league schedule.

Another thing that golf league keeper software is going to do, is enable you to program a schedule and share it with the other members of the league that much more easily.  This way, you can schedule your tournaments, as well as who is supposed to play when, and you can also keep things rotating enough so that again the game is as fair as possible.  That’s really the key, as you want things to be fair so that you’re actually able to judge who’s the best.

3) Scoring.

Of course scoring is really important to keep track of, but even good free golf league software should be able to keep track of different types of scoring for you.  You don’t want to just track the actual score of any given game or tournament, but also the score in the long run to see who’s best after every hole is played.  This way you can also assign point values, or even just total accrued score, so that you can determine who’s the best in any way that seems most prudent.

4) Standings.

You of course want to be able to track your standings, so that you can see where everyone else stacks up.  This way you can always check in real time who’s in the pole position to win, and who’s underperforming, so that you always know where each member of the league is against one another.  Plus this is also a great way to see how many points you need to overcome the opposition as well, to ensure that the friendly competition continues until the end of the tournament.

5) You always want an easy to use interface.

Finally, just make sure that your golf league software has an easy enough to use interface.  Whether it’s shareware or a program that you buy, you don’t want thing to be too complicated.  While you do want your software to have a lot of options, and you want to be able to total several different things the way that you want.  You also have to be sure that your golf league software is something that you can install and then run with, so that you can focus more on the playing golf, than you have to focus on getting your computer programs to work.

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