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5 Fun Golfing Games to Play off the Course

Get your golf on away from the course with one of the many fun golfing games out there. Here are five of our favorites.

Golf is a pastime that many people enjoy, both for the challenge of playing well and the exercise it provides. However, getting out on the golf course is not the only way to enjoy the game and there are other options for those that are interested in the sport. The following are some fun golfing games that can be enjoyed away from the course.

Bowling Green Putting

Practicing putting is something that most golfers will indulge in at some time or other and a way to do this away from the course is playing a game called bowling green putting. It is generally considered a two player game, and can be played on any flat surface indoors or out. Each player has three golf balls, plus one other ball (which can be a colored golf ball) is used as the jack. One of the players putts the jack a certain line and distance away, and then both players take it in turns to play their three balls, with the aim being to get as close to the jack ball as possible. The scoring is similar to bowls in that a point is awarded for the ball that ends closest to the jack, and if one player gets two or three balls closer than their opponent they are awarded 2 or 3 points. The player closest to the jack then gets to putt the jack ball for the next round, with the first player to 21 points winning the game. It can be a good way to work on your putting pace and line, and is a fun competition into the bargain.

Blind Mans Putt

This is another game to test your putting skills and can easily be enjoyed alone, or with two or more players. The game can be played anywhere which has a level surface, with each person having 10 balls and there is no need for a golf hole. The aim of the game is to putt the first ball to a general area and then follow this up by hitting the 9 other balls as close to this as possible. The balls have to be hit one after the other without looking up, and it can be a good test of a putting stroke. The winner of the game is the player that hits their balls into the tightest possible group.

Pocket Mini Golf

Many people have smart phones and mobile devices these days, and for the golfing enthusiast this provides the opportunity to enjoy fun golfing games whenever they have a little free time. Pocket Mini Golf is an example of this and details of this can be found on a few websites. The game has 4 characters to choose from to play, and there are 3 courses of 18 holes each. It is basically like playing crazy golf on your mobile and the game can be downloaded from a few websites such as Mobile Wizardry. The game provides some addictive golf fun and if you like to have some golfing fun available while traveling or when you have a few moments to spare, then Pocket Mini Golf can be a good option.

Custom Play Golf

Many people have a computer in their home these days and this provides the opportunity to play some fun golfing games when you cannot get out on the course. Custom Play Golf is an example of this and the game enables a player to customize the various aspects of a golf course, including the layout of the course, the ground surfaces, the hazards to include and even the weather. This allows the player to create their own golf course, and once completed it is possible to produce a customized golfer to play the course. The game has a few playing modes available including tournament, play 18 holes and driving range. If you fancy trying your hand at course design and then some golf play, then Custom Play Golf is an option to choose for your PC.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Tiger Woods ranks as one of the best golfers to have played the game and this has been capitalized on by EA Sports, which produces the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game. This PC game has been in production for a number of years, and as it is generally updated on a yearly basis there are plenty of options available. The game play for each version is slightly different in that different courses and features are available, although any of the versions provides some realistic and enjoyable PC golf fun. It ranks as one of the most popular golf games on the market and can be a good choice for those looking for a computer game.

While getting out on the course and playing some golf can be fun, there are other ways to enjoy the game. Whether your preference is for putting, smart phone or PC games, there is plenty of choice available. The games above are some of those to consider when looking to indulge in some fun golfing games away from the course.

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