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5 Golf Careers For Those That Love The Game

Golf careers can be a dream for those who love the sport. Here are 5 jobs worth considering in the field.

If you have a love for golf that really supersedes almost everything else in your life, a career in the sport is the most major logical options.  Plus, there are a ton of golf careers that can provide you with the money, as well as level of involvement in the sport that you really want, to ensure that you can find a worthwhile working opportunity that you’ll treasure everyday.   No matter how you’re looking to be involved with golf, there are guaranteed to be great golf jobs out there that are ideal for any enthusiast.  All you have to do is know which part of the field you would like to enter, and what you have to do in order to excel.

You’re going to find that golf careers are just like any other type of career path, in which you can only get out of it what you really put in to your work.  For that reason, you’re going to have to spend some time really thinking about what part of the sport you would like to be involved, or what really suits your strengths when it comes to getting the job. There are plenty of different types of golf job opportunities to pursue out there, and here are 5 of the best that you can pursue throughout your life.

1) PGA or LPGA Pro.

This is the pinnacle, and what probably most golfers aspire to achieving.  However, it’s also the hardest one to attain, as the knowledge that you’re able to gain through instruction and training is second to the natural ability that you can develop and cultivate with that learning experience.  That means you just have to be cut out to be a pro golfer, and you either are or you aren’t, and no amount of training is going to make you something that you’re not.  That’s why this is not a realistic first target for anyone, but also not one you should shy away from at least trying if you’re looking for the right path.

Just be prepared, because being a pro golfer can mean getting a ton of money, but it also means a lot of hard work becoming better and working on your technique.  You also have to pay the top coaches the world wide, in order to really develop, and cultivate you natural ability into something that can challenge the top golfers in the field.

2) Golf Course Management.

If you’re looking for a more realistic major money making goal, course management is where you want to go.  There are actually plenty of golf colleges the nation over, and in fact many major colleges that actually offer golf management courses.  These will teach you everything that you need to know about a golf course, but also everything that you need to know about actually playing the game as well.  This way, you can gain all the knowledge that comes with owning your own golf course, so that you can end up managing one yourself, or even making that step into ownership someday.

3) Golf Caddy.

If you can’t be a golf pro, why not carry the clubs of one?  Being a caddie is a noble profession in the highest ranks, in which you could end up working side by side with real pros like Tiger Woods, in which you carry their clubs and take care of their equipment, while also providing advice on the side.  That does take a lot of expertise however, and the higher you would like to be able to offer your services, the more expertise you’re going to need to have when it comes to the sport itself.  Otherwise, teenagers can find this is a great way to get involved at local tournaments, as they are common jobs for young adults.

4) Golf Coach or Instructor

This is another one of those career paths that can provide you with plenty of playing time, even if you don’t quite have the skill of the pros.  This is more about knowing everything regarding technique, and you’ll find there are plenty of golf colleges that can put you on your way to really understanding this aspect of golf.  That means knowing how to watch someone’s stroke, and then assess what’s wrong with it, so that you can correct them and guide them into getting the most out of their most natural and comfortable poses. 

5) Golf Course Groundskeeper.

If you’re more looking to actually working out on the green each day, but you don’t really want to go through the course management program, you can’t go wrong being a landscaper or groundskeeper.  These are positions where you actually do the forming of a course’s new additions, as well as all the upkeep that comes with keeping the course beautiful.  That means mowing everyday, as well as keeping sand hazards appropriately tended to, as well as every other unique part of the course.

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