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5 Great Golf Gifts For Men

Need some ideas for golf gifts for men in your life? Here are five that are sure to appeal to avid golfers.

Golf can be an enjoyable sport and there are many men that play on a regular basis. Choosing a golf themed present for a male friend or family member that is a keen player can be a good idea, and for those looking to do so there are plenty of good quality golf gifts for men to choose from.

Golf & Wine Legends

For male golfers that enjoy drinking wine this can be an excellent choice of gift. It comprises a set of three wines from the vineyards of some legendary golfers packaged with a sleeve of three golf balls. The golfers in question are giants of the game, with the first wine being a Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyard that Arnold Palmer established with Luna Vineyards. The second is a Limestone Coast Shiraz from Greg Normans Estates in Australia, with the third being a South African Guardian Peak Frontier Red or Shiraz from the vineyard of Ernie Els. The wines are excellent quality and backed by some of the finest golfers ever to play the game. This makes them an excellent choice of gift for a wine drinking golfer and the set is available from for a price of $50.

Executive Putting Set

All golfers like to practice, whether this is on the golf course, driving range or elsewhere. For men that like to get a little putting practice in whenever they can, an executive putting set can be an excellent choice of gift. They can basically be set up wherever space is available in the home or office and can enable the keen golfer to practice their putting technique. This makes them excellent golf gifts for men and there are a few options on the market. has a travel set available that comes packaged in an attractive cherry wood case. This is decorated with a brass plate which can be engraved with a personalized message. The set includes a four piece putter, which can be taken apart to store in the box, a wooden practice hole and two golf balls, and is available for a price of $40.

Bushnell Yardage Pro

Keeping track of yardages is important when playing, to help in selecting the correct club for the next shot. While this can be done by eye or by pacing out distances, a more modern option is the Bushnell Yardage Pro. This is a simple lightweight GPS unit that can easily be stored in a pocket or a golf bag and at the touch of a button, it can show the accurate distance to the front, center and back of the green from the location of the ball. It has enough memory to store the details of 10 golf courses from the Bushnell online golf course database and can also be used as a scorecard. It can be found for sale at for a price of $200 and with the capabilities to accurately show yardage it can be a great golf gift for the man looking to lower their score on the golf course.

Suunto G6 Pro Golf Watch

Most men that play golf like gadgets that help them analyze and improve their technique and the Suunto G6 Pro Golf Watch is a men’s golf gift that comes into this category. It has a number of uses and can function as a scorecard on the course and can download the information to a PC. However its main function is as a golf training aid and wearing it while making a swing will enable the watch to analyze this and provide details such as tempo (or swing time), tempo ratio (forward motion as a percentage of total swing time) and club head speed on contact with the ball. The watch has a practice mode which enables balls to be hit, with the swing being analyzed each time and this can help a golfer to identify what works best in their swing to improve it. The Suunto G6 Pro Golf Watch is a stylish and practical golf gift for a man and can be found for sale at for a price of $399.

Golf Shoe Slippers

While golf shoes are an essential part of the golf kit required on the course, a pair of golf shoe slippers will have the golf shoe style on your feet when at home. A pair available at are manufactured from fleece fiber with a thick, one inch foam sole. Produced in white with a black trim and tassel they are both comfortable and stylish to wear and make excellent golf gifts for men. They are available in a variety of sizes and retail for a price of $23.

A golf themed gift is something that all keen players are sure to enjoy and there is plenty of choice on the market. There are a number of golf gifts for men available and with a little shopping around some great ideas can be found. The five shown above are a few of the good options and they are definitely a gift that a fan of golf will appreciate.

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