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5 of the Top Brands for Women’s Golf Clubs

Looking for women's golf clubs? We'd suggest going with one of these 5 top companies.

A large number of ladies play golf these days, and there are many manufacturers that cater to this need by producing golf equipment aimed at the women’s market. A number of manufacturers have gained an excellent reputation for producing a range of ladies golfing equipment, and when it comes to women’s golf clubs some of the top brands to consider include the following.


For a wide range of women’s golf clubs, Callaway can be a good manufacturer to look to. They have drivers, woods, irons and hybrid clubs available that are designed specifically with the lady golfer in mind and this includes a few different options. The Solaire Golf Sets are a good example of their women’s equipment and these come in 9 and 14-club sets, with petite sets produced especially with shorter ladies in mind. They are manufactured using Energy Efficient Design technology which produces a forgiving set of clubs that can help a player hit the ball longer and straighter. Callaway have invested in research studying the characteristics of a women’s swing, and this means the ladies clubs they produce are optimized to best suit a women’s strengths. This can make them a good company for woman to consider for their clubs.

Adams Golf

Adams Golf is another manufacturer that has a variety of golf clubs for women. This includes both individual clubs and sets. Individual clubs include options such as the Speedline Driver or Wood, which incorporate technology such as thin faces, ultra thin crowns and premium graphite shafts. Sets include the Idea a7OS Hybrid Irons, which are one of the top selling women’s irons on the market. These include features such as Quad cavity backs and H-back channel design which help to provide the clubs with enhanced feel and forgiveness. Sets available include a mix of the woods and hybrid irons, and there is plenty of choice for a lady that wants to use Adams Golf clubs


Cobra provides women with a wide variety of options when it comes to golf clubs designed specifically with them in mind. This includes options such as the Women’s S3 Driver which has technology incorporated to produce a striking sweet zone that is 30% larger than standard drivers. This can help to produce more accurate shots. Cobra also produce women’s fairway woods, hybrids and irons and these typically incorporate a range of features designed to help women hit the ball longer and straighter. Full sets for women from Cobra include the Blue Sapphire and Pink Sapphire sets, and these typically include a range of the available woods, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.


The Wilson Hope Platinum set has been designed specifically with lady golfers in mind and these women’s golf clubs can be a good choice. It is a 12-piece set which includes a mix of clubs including driver, woods, hybrids, irons, and a mallet style putter. These have been designed with technology that makes the clubs forgiving and easy to hit, and this can help to improve accuracy and reduce the chances of hitting poor shots. The clubs include strong graphite shafts, although are light weight in nature and this makes them an excellent set to choose for the course.


Taylormade is one of the well know manufacturers in golf club production, and their Burner range includes clubs that have been designed specifically with women golfers in mind. The range includes a variety of clubs including both woods and irons. The Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver is one of the lightest around and incorporates Inverted Cone Technology to help produce a large sweet spot to increase the forgiveness of the club and improve the chances of hitting straight shots. Other options in the Burner range include the SuperLaunch Rescue Iron Set, the Superfast 2.0 Fairway Wood and the Burner 2.0 Irons, and these can be good options to include in a set

Many women are attracted to the game of golf and will look to purchase the best equipment possible for their bag. The brands shown above are considered amongst some of the best for women’s golf clubs. For those ladies looking to get involved in the game or those looking to try new equipment these can be good options to consider for golf clubs.

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