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5 Reasons Tiger Woods Golf Shoes Are A Great Buy For All Golfers

We're a big fan of Tiger Woods golf shoes. Here are five reasons we're advocates of this footwear choice.

Picking the right type of shoe is just about a important as any other type of equipment that you’re going to be carrying with you in your golf arsenal.  If you want to perform like the pros, that means you have to have shoes that the pros would wear or endorse, so Tiger Woods golf shoes are a great place to start.  Arguably the greatest to ever play the game, you can’t doubt the man’s talent as a golfer.  You’re going to find that these are shoes patented to have the greatest succeeding on the course, which means they should easily exceed expectations even with the more average golfer.

Of course, there are several reasons that Tiger Woods golf shoes can tip you over the edge, but you always want to look into those before buying, to make sure that they seem like a viable purchase to you.  Something that you’re going to find when it comes to golf shoes is that there’s a lot of features that they need to have, so that you can ensure they are the right buy for you.  Here are 5 that Tiger Woods golf shoes provide, so that you can ensure they are just what you want on your feet.

1) Waterproof premium leather design.

One of the major things when it comes to golf is keeping your feet dry. When you’re going to be walking the entirety of the course from start to finish, you want to be sure that you can keep your feet totally dry when it comes to things like the water on the grass, as well as a light mist or even if it starts raining.  When you can keep your feet dry, you’re going to stay that much more comfortable on the green.  With Nike Zoom Tiger Woods golf shoes, you can be sure that your feet stay totally dry even if you’re trying to play golf in a monsoon.

2) Custom zoom stabilizer built right into the heel.

Another major advantage of Tiger Woods golf shoes is that they are of the Zoom brand and make, which means they feature a Zoom stabilizer built into the back of the shoe.  This is really going to do two things.  First off, it’s going to literally stabilize your balance, so that you can get set that much more easily before you hit the ball.  But then you’re also going to find that they will also enable you to stay that much more comfortable when you’re locking into place on your heels.  This way, your balance is more evenly distributed, so that you don’t get uncomfortable when you’ve been out on the course for hours.

3) Extremely lightweight.

The last thing that you need on the course is your shoes weighing you down after you’ve been having a hard enough day as it is.  But with Nike golf shoes like these, something that you’re going to find is that because of the Phylon midsole material, you’re going to get an extremely lightweight yet high performing shoe.  This way, you can be sure that your footwear still does the heavy duty work that you need, and will be able to allow you to perform at your highest, but it’s also not going to weigh you down in the same way that other shoes might.

4) Scorpion stinger spikes for maximum traction.

Having spikes that you can count on is also important, so that you can be sure you’re really able to grip and rip into the grass, to make every single shot really count for that much more.  With these types of spikes, you’re going to be able to get stuck in, in the best way possible, which is going to change your game for the better.  Plus the Q-Lok system ensures they are going to stay in place, no matter how rough the game may get.

5) You can even choose the color you want to go with.

Part of the beauty of Nike and Tiger Woods golf shoes is that you can choose just the style that’s going to suit you on the course.  Whether you’re looking for something like a nice classic black, or if you want to go with a more refined white for the golf green, you can find plenty of shoe variations to fit your style concerns.

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