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5 Tips on Finding Discount Tee Times

18 holes of golf (or even 9) can be really expensive. Here are 5 tips for finding discount tee times at your favorite courses.

Golf is a sporting pastime that many people like to get involved in and play. However, for those that get out on the golf course on a regular basis, it can be an expensive proposition and finding ways to cut costs is something that most people will want to do. There are a variety of options for this, although one of the simpler ways is to find discount tee times. The following provides some tips on doing this.

Use an online booking service

The internet has become a useful tool for golfers in booking tee times and many of the services available offer the opportunity to find discount costs. Golf Now is one of the more popular options available and they are partnered with in excess of 2,400 golf courses around the USA and Canada. They have a simple search feature, which can be used to find the tee times and costs for playing a round of golf at a particular course, and once a suitable option is found it is possible to book this online. Searching through the details at Golf Now can be a simple way to find cheaper tee times. Other online services which provide the opportunity to find discount tee times include Golf Card International, Clickitgolf and Tee Time Watch. They typically offer the opportunity to search for discounted tee times at a number of golf courses around the USA and can be a simple way to reduce the cost of playing at many courses.

Check the golf course website

Another online option for finding discount tee times is to check if the golf course you are interested in playing has its own website. A number of courses do these days and many of these offer online specials for booking tee times. Using this service it can be possible to book a single round of golf at a more affordable price or get access to a program where cheaper tee times are available over a period of time. Typically, online specials at the website of a golf course will help to save money in comparison to booking tee times through a more traditional route and it can therefore be worth checking out.

Sign up to an email list

Many golf courses have email lists which they use as a marketing tool to reach as many people as possible. It is generally necessary to sign up to these, but for golf courses that you play regularly, or new courses that you are looking to play, it can be worth doing this. Golf courses will typically send regular information to those that are included in their email database and this can include details of special offers and discount tee times that are on offer at a particular time. As the details are sent directly to your inbox, it makes it easier to keep on top of the offers that are currently running. This means there is less chance that you will miss an opportunity for finding affordable green fees for the courses that you want to play.

Play off-peak times

The majority of people will be competing to book tee times at peak times and this means the green fees will be higher during these times. For those that are able to begin a round earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon, the green fees will typically be more affordable and booking a round of golf at these times of day is an option to consider for finding discount green fees. Many golf courses have programs such as early bird specials (typically before 9:00am) or twilight specials (typically after 4:00pm) where the cost of green fees is reduced. It can therefore be worth contacting a course to find what options are available for playing outside of their peak times.

Book a last minute deal

While this can be slightly more risky in terms of finding a suitable tee time, booking a round of golf at the last minute can be a way to find discount green fees. Most courses would obviously have people playing and paying rather than leaving tee times empty and may be willing to reduce the costs at the last minute to encourage golfers to play. The website Golf Hound is one which has last minute tee times available and they partner with a number of golf courses around the USA. It can also be worth contacting a course directly to see what deals they have available at short notice as the cost may be reduced to get people playing on their course.

While golf can be an expensive sport to play, it does not necessarily need to be overly expensive. There are simple methods which can be used to reduce the cost of playing and finding discount tee times is one of the available options for this. The tips shown above are some of the ways to find cheaper green fees and using these can help you keep playing the game at a more affordable cost.

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