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5 Top Golf Swing Training Aids To Consider

Sold on the benefits of golf swing training aids but don't know which to get? Here are five top products to consider.

With any sport you need to have the right types of training aids in your arsenal, to ensure that you’re able to get better and better with your technique.  In fact, you’re going to be amazed at all the different types of golf swing training aids that are out there to enhance your current ability to swing the club correctly.  With the right types of aids you’re going to be able to improve your strength, as well as speed, and even just how you hit the ball in general.  Here are five of the best tools to add to your training arsenal. 

1) Powerchute Training Aid

This is a special type of golf swing trainers that actually allow you to improve your literal swing on the club itself.  One thing that many people find as golfers, is that they do not swing the club fast enough in order to build up the power that’s needed to really drive the ball as far as you can.  That’s where the Powerchute comes in handy, and you know it’s going to work considering it was designed by Jack Nicklaus.

The way that Powerchute golf swing training aids work is by literally adding a mini parachute type of device to the shaft of your club.  This works in the same way that chutes build running speed and power for runners.  You’ll have that much more wind resistance, so it’s going to take a lot more power in order for you to really get a good whack at the ball, which is going to build and tone your muscles to make you that much more of a better golfer on the whole. 

2) SensoGlove

This is a remarkable piece of practical space age technology that’s designed to tell you if you’re gripping the club properly throughout your swing.  These are tailor made to improve your golf swing by telling you if your placement is correct, as well as if you’re gripping too hard.  A major problem with many golfer’s swings, is that they are actually gripping much too hard, limiting there range of motion and as a byproduct how much power they can put behind the ball.  That’s why a SensoGlove can help, because they can give you real time alerts and feedback to improve your golf swing. 

3) Greens Professor Putting Aid

While you may think of golf swing training aids to be more for how you drive and really get a good smack on the ball. There are also those that provide you with the finesse portion of the game that’s so vital to any golfer.  You need to be sure that you’re putting right, if you want your ball to go in the hole when you’re on the green.  The most common problem that many golfers have is that they don’t hold the putter squarely when they actually put something on the ball.

But with a Greens Professor Putting Aid, you get a small laser level that you’re able to put down on the ground for when you’re going to hit the ball, to make sure that your putter lines up perfectly.  This is going to  get you properly aligned, and is going to ensure that you’re able to stay square throughout the putting motion, to make sure that you’re hitting the ball as truly as possible.

4) Practice Pod Golf Swing Training Aid

This is another tool aimed at correcting the form with which you are able to whack the ball, and that’s also going to be sure you’re putting the most impact on the ball itself.  With the right type of aid like this, you’re going to be able to improve your golf swing with three handy arms that stick out from the device to guide your form.  With one, you’re able to align yourself, from your foot position, to stance, to the way that you actually impact the club on the ball itself.

5) Thumb Caddy.

This is one of the more simple golf swing training aids, but also one of the most effective and affordable.  This is literally a small device that fits right over the shaft of any club.  But it also features a handy little loop, that you’re supposed to put your thumb through during a swing.  This way, you’re forced to keep the right type of grip the entire time.  With golf grip training aids like these, you’re assured of building up the repetitive motion in your muscles that will have you using perfect form on every single swing.

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