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5 Top Golf Videos To Make You A Better Golfer

We're big fans of golf videos, as the instructional strategies communicated can really raise your game when followed. Here are five of our favorites.

Golf is a sport that takes a ton of practice in order to be able to master, and you just can’t do it without the right type of instruction.  However, one of the problems with getting lessons is that it’s extremely expensive, especially if you’re thinking about visiting an actual golf school for any length of time. But with the right types of golf videos, you can be sure that you have just what you need to learn on the cheap.  These provide you that unique ability to get lessons right from the comfort of your own home, and to watch the instruction as many times as you would like. 

What’s more, there is a huge massive market for golf movies, so that you can find the type of instruction that you want so that you can really get a better insight into the game.  In fact, here are a few of the best possible videos that money can buy, and that are guaranteed to improve your game if you pay attention to the tips contained therein:

1) Jack Nicklaus’ Golf My Way

Widely considered by many golf enthusiasts to be the definitive video experience, this is the number one place that you want to go for your golf instruction.  Also rated the 1 video of all time in a poll by Golf Weekly magazine, this truly is one of the best places to go if you’re looking to improve any part of your game.  However, despite the great tips contained therein, the series can be hard to find as it’s an older set that isn’t super common.  But if you can find the tapes, you’ll find that through the three volumes you’re going to be able to improve yourself as a golfer in ways that you couldn’t imagine otherwise.

2) Jim McLean: The Drill System For Better Golf

This is the perfect video to have yourself playing like a real golfer, by teaching you some common drills that you can perform to totally clear up the problems in your game.  When you’re not playing your best in terms of how you swing the club, or even how you putt, it’s usually down to the fact that you just don’t practice enough.  One of the major reasons that the pros are the pros, is because they actually end up taking the time to work out all the kinks in their game, by constantly running drills and practicing nonstop. 

Jim McLean helps you learn these common drills that are ideal for working out both the parts of your swing that might be in trouble, as well as your short game.  On the two disc set, you’ll find that one disc is dedicated just to providing you with proper instruction on how to work on your swing, while the other is all about the short game so you can sink every putt.

3) Tom Watson: Lessons of a Lifetime

This is another one of those videos that’s widely respected for the expertise that it provides in terms of invaluable insights for up and coming golfers.  Basically this provides the true insight that you would expect from golf swing videos, to tell you what you need to know about actually playing the game.  Through this video, Tom Watson guides you through several anecdotes to aide you in playing the game, as well as how to really make the most out of your time on the course.  Coming in at over three hours, this is instruction that’s bound to make you the best player that you can become.

4) Phil Mickelson: Secrets of the Short Game

If you’re having problems making your strokes count when you get to the green, this is the type of golf movies for you.  Phil Mickelson personally guides you through exactly what you need to know so that you can really improve your short game and become the best possible golfer that you can.  Learning how to really play on the green is never going to be easy, and takes a lot of diligent practice to be able to achieve.  By utilizing Phil Mickelson’s unique techniques, you can ensure that you’ll be playing better than ever.

5) Tiger: The Authorized Collection

While more of a fan collection of interviews and some of the greatest shots by the man himself, there is still learning substance for those looking to improve their game.  Throughout a special clinic that’s included in the set, these Tiger Woods videos can help you fine tune your game under the principles that have shaped golf’s greatest player’s career.

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