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5 Top Indoor Golf Simulators On the Market

It's not secret that we're a huge fan of indoor golf simulators. Here are five top products that all warrant a closer look.

While getting out on the golf course is the most common way to enjoy the sport, it is not the only option these days. Technology has advanced to the point where indoor golf simulators can provide a fun way to play the sport, as well as being helpful in analyzing your game. There are a number of simulators on the market these days, with the following being 5 of the top options available.

Golf Launchpad Golf Simulator

The Golf Launchpad Golf Simulator is produced by Electric Spin and is one of the smallest and simplest to have in a home. It is designed for connection to a PC and enables a player to use their own clubs, allowing them to practice with the equipment they would normally use on the golf course. The simulator uses high-speed optical sensors with a small capture net to accurately monitor the striking of the ball. This allows it to determine the ball flight accurately, and it can be used to play a round of golf using the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game, or simply for swing analysis. For those that have limited space available, it is one of the best golf simulators to consider.

PGA Tour Simulator

The PGA Tour partnered with golf simulator manufacturer About Golf to produce the Residential PGA Tour Simulator and this can be a good option to consider. Designed for home installation, this simulator is powered by 3Trak, which accurately tracks the swing of the club and striking of the ball to provide an accurate on-screen representation of the shot. The simulator offers the chance to play more than 50 world golf courses and can be used for both entertainment and analysis. The various play modes make it possible to play a round on your own, engage in competition with friends, or simply hit balls on the range to analyze your swing.

High Definition Golf

Interactive Sports Technologies is the producer of the High Definition Golf Simulator, and this can be configured in a few different ways to suit home or commercial use. Advanced computer vision technology installed in the simulator lets it measure a variety of swing and ball striking parameters to accurately determine the flight of a golf ball and this enables it to provide realistic game play. This is enhanced by the 3D modeling of the golf courses available, such that these are accurately represented on the screen, and some of the options available include Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island and Troon North. The High Definition Golf Simulator is one of the best indoor golf simulators available and can be a good choice.

Full Swing Golf

Full Swing Golf has a few different indoor golf simulators for sale, designed for different purposes and this can make it a good option to consider. Their Champion Series simulator is aimed at residential home installation and comes in three different configurations to help clients find the best option to fit in their home. For commercial enterprises looking to provide customers with a realistic golfing experience the Sportsman simulator is one to consider, and the Professional simulator is aimed at players more serious about their game. A Full Swing Golf simulator provides the choice of playing a few famous golf courses, with the simulator showing real-time ball flight on the screen and including a variety of playing surfaces, all of which can provide a realistic and enjoyable golfing experience.

Dancin’ Dogg Golf OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

The Dancin’ Dogg Golf Simulator is another of those that enables a player to use their own clubs. It is one of the smaller, compact simulators on the market, designed for those that have limited space available. The simulator can be connected to a PC and can be used to play a single round of golf, enjoy competitions, or for analysis purposes. The OptiShot technology utilized by the device accurately measures ball striking to determine the flight, distance and spin, and this enables realistic play to be experienced. The simulator comes supplied with eight courses including Scottsdale and Long Island Black, although further premium courses can also be purchased.

It may not always be possible for golfers to get out on the course for a variety of reasons, although this does not mean they have to stop playing these days. A number of indoor golf simulators are available, which can bring the golf course to you and there are a number of top options available. These can be used to enjoy the game whenever you want and can be a good addition to the home of a golfer.

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