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6 Advantages of Using Golf Pull Carts

Golf pull cats will save you time and energy on the course, making them a no brainer. Here are some things we love about them.

Finding equipment that makes golf easier or more fun can be really important, so that you can be sure that you’re able to join your time out on the course that much more. You’re going to find that there are all different types of great accessories, and one such mega tool that can improve your time is the golf pull carts.  These are really handy for pulling your clubs around, so that you don’t have to tote them around on your back with the club bag.  You’re going to find that this makes them really ideal for literally taking the weight off your shoulders, and allowing you to focus on the golf.

Plus you’re going to find that there are all different types of golf pull carts as well, so that you can choose just the style that you really want.  This way, you can choose the type of cart that’s as convenient as possible, but you can also ensure that you’re able to tote your clubs with confidence.  It’s just a matter of knowing what you need out of them, and here are 6 advantages that the right model is going to be able to offer:

1) They just make golfing easier.

When you don’t have to carry your clubs around on your shoulder, you’re much more free to just enjoy the experience.  You’re still getting great exercise, but you’re also ensuring that you’re enjoying the outdoors.  Plus you’re not stressing your shoulder, which means you can keep a much more natural and full swing, instead of having to worry about tensing up as you walk the length of the course.

2) You won’t need a caddy.

Unless they’re required, you’ll find that caddies can be a pain. They’re usually pretty costly, they can make it a hassle hewn you’re looking to organize your clubs, keep a certain order, or just find the right type for your next shot.  With the right sort of golf pull carts, you have your own caddy, and that is going to make your time on the course that much more relaxing and enjoyable, which is really what golf is all about in the first place.

3) You can save money on golf cart rentals.

Do you want to take that weight off your shoulders so you’re not carrying your own clubs?  But you still want a more enjoying game of golf, opposed to one where you have to lug around some really heavy equipment?  Then you need to go with golf pull carts because they are the best of both worlds.  You still get to walk every inch of the course, but you also don’t have to haul the clubs around in the same way.

4) Utilizing golf bag carts is more healthy.

Golf is a game that’s really good for the body, as it is good positive exercise, but it isn’t overly stressful so it’s something that you can do at just about any age.  The average person can burn around 400 calories an hour with the average game of golf, and that makes for quite the miniature workout.  You’re going to find that with golf pull carts that amount is lessened slightly, but you’re still getting the great exercise that you can’t get when you take a cart.

5) There are both manual and electric carts.

Let’s say you’re getting older, and you really like the idea of pulling your own cart so that you can still walk the course, but you don’t like the idea of pulling that cart up some difficult hills. With the right type of electric cart, you can have your “caddy” do the work for you.  This way, you can still walk and enjoy your time, but it doesn’t become overly stressful on your muscles.

6) All golf pull carts are really easy to transport.

Finally, whether you’re buying Callaway, Bag Boy or Clicgear golf carts, you’re going to find that they are remarkably easy to transport. they are all made with folding frames, so that you can collapse them when you want to take your cart inside your car.  But then they are quick to expand, so you can get them going again once it comes time for you to hit the green.

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