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6 Cheap Golf Carts That Won’t Break the Bank

Believe it or not, there are cheap golf carts out there that make it possible to navigate through courses for less than you think. Here are six of them.

Getting around the golf course carrying a full set of clubs can be a tiring experience and an option that many people choose is to use a cart. These can range from a traditional trolley style or electric powered cart for carrying a bag only, to a motorized golf cart which can ferry a player and their clubs around a course. Whichever is your preference there are a number of cheap golf carts on the market with the following being a few of the options that won’t break the bank.

INTECH LiteRider Cart

Cheap golf carts designed for more easily transporting a bag around the course can generally be found for under $100, and one of the most affordable around is the INTECH LiteRider Cart. This can be found on the market for around $40 and is a two-wheel model that features 10-inch wheels. These support a lightweight steel frame and this, along with the large wheels ensures a smooth ride. It includes features such as a scorecard holder, as well as pencil and tee holder, and for the cost it is an economical option to consider.

Stowamatic Stowaway Super Compact Golf Pull Cart

Another of the two-wheel cheap golf carts to be found on the market is the Stowamatic Stowaway Super Compact Golf Pull Cart. Retailing for around the $60 mark, it folds up to a compact size making it easy to transport, and also easy to store when not in use and this is a feature that many golfers like. The cart includes a light aluminum frame, an easy grab handle, scorecard holder and is suitable for any size of golf bag. It is a popular cart type and is one of the more affordable options when considering a traditional pull cart.

Wilson Trio Golf Cart

If your preference is for a more stable cart then the Wilson Trio Golf Cart is an option to consider. With three wheels it provides a stable and smooth ride, and it includes a pedal activated foot brake to keep it in place even on steeper terrain. It has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, and incorporates features such as universal bag brackets to suit any bag style and size, drink holder and scorecard holder. It can be found for sale at around the $90 mark, making it one of the cheaper golf carts on the market.

Electric Golf Cart

If the effort of pushing or pulling a golf cart around the course is something a golfer does not enjoy, then having a model with an electric motor can assist. The Electric Golf Cart sold by The Sharper Image is an option to consider and this retails for around $395. It can easily get through 18 holes on a single charge, is easy to operate and can be steered around a variety of terrain, with the electric motor doing the hard work. It is one of the cheaper options for an electric powered golf cart and is therefore a model to consider for those that like this style.

Cart-Tek GR-500 Cart

Retailing at around $400, the Cart-Tek GR-500 Golf Cart is another electric powered model that can help a golfer more effortlessly make their way around the course. It includes features such as safe start, speed control, and electronic brakes which make it easy to operate and it has enough power available to easily make its way up a 20 degree slope. It can therefore be operated on a variety of terrain and can greatly reduce the effort of getting a full set of clubs around the course.

Eagle Golf Cruiser I-m4

For those that prefer a little motorized assistance to get both themselves and their clubs around the golf course, the Eagle Golf Cruiser Im-4 is one of the cheap golf carts in the motorized category to choose from. It is an environmentally friendly electric model which can be folded down for transportation and storage, and is a single seat model that can be found on the market for around $3,500. It is a simple and easy cart to use and this makes it an option to consider for those that need help getting around 18 holes.

Many golfers like a little assistance to get their bags and themselves around a golf course. Whether your preference is for a manual push model or a full motorized model, there are a variety of cheap golf carts available. Those shown above are a few of the options on the market and these are some to look at when in the market for a cart.

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