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6 Cool Golf Gadgets That Can Help Take Strokes Off Your Game

Golf gadgets are springing up left and right, all of which promise noticeable improvement on your game. Here are six that we're big fans of.

Getting the right types of golf gadgets is a fantastic way to become a better player, but also really have fun while you’re out on the course.  So often things can get a bit too serious or even make you angry when you just can’t get your game working the right way.  That’s why there are plenty of fun gadgets out there to ensure that you’re able to keep having fun all the way to the green, and become a better golfer at the same time.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right types of golf electronics that are suited to improve your abilities, or just make going out on the course that little bit more fun, and here are 6 of the best:

1) Twilighttracer Golf Ball

These are great and handy golf balls that aide you when you’re playing in low light conditions, by providing you with a  light that will flash for a few moments after they’ve been struck.  That way, it can be easier to judge the flight of the ball as well, so that you can better assess how you need to change your swing to get the most out of your driving, or to see what you’re doing wrong.  But what’s more, you’ll also find that it makes finding your ball that much easier as well.  With a Twilighttracer golf ball finder light, you can be sure that you’re able to play anytime that you have the time, even if you have the latest tee time a local club offers.

2) Practice Green Putt Returner.

These are cool devices that eliminate the time that you would spend having to constantly go and get the ball on each putt, so that you can instead focus on working on your skills.  The biggest pain with a practice green is that it takes forever for you to walk back and forth to grab the ball after it’s been struck, which is more training time that you miss out on during a night.  When you’re strapped for time and you want the most out of each session, a returner like this can make the difference.  That’s because they feature a spring loaded hole that will literally shoot the ball back at you, once you get it in the hole.

3) Laser Alignment Putt Trainer

When you’re looking for the coolest golf accessories to go along with your putt return, why not get a laser alignment device as well?  These are specially made to provide you with a  beam of light that goes right out from the ball where you’re planning to putt. This allows you to get your feet totally parallel to that line, so that you can set yourself up in the exactly perfect type of position where you should be when you’re squared to actually hit the ball.  This way, you’re using proper form, and are guaranteed to get your best hit on the ball.

4) SkyCaddie Golf GPS

Along side some of the coolest golf accessories are always going to be Golf GPS devices.  Nothing really gets it done in the same way, and they guarantee that you’re going to be able to figure out your exact position on just about any type of course in the country at a touch of the button.  That way, you can judge distance, direction, as well as the upcoming hazards, so that you can get your stroke count as low as your current ability allows.

5) SkyKap

Now think about how useful and cool a Golf GPS system is, and imagine all of that usability, only in the brim of your hat.  With SkyKap, you have golf gadgets that enable you to utilize voice commands to figure out the exact distance to the green from where you’re standing, as well as the exact direction.  This way, you have your own personal knowledgeable caddie right inside your ear to tell you how you should make your next shot, without the hassle of carrying around an extra device to use in between shots.

6) Segway Golf Carts

Ever been tired of walking around on the course at the end of the day, or are you just playing so many rounds you’d like a break?  Nothing provides that same glorious comfort, but true to golf experience of walking the course, without the effort, like a Segway.  These enable you to ride throughout the course on a scooter like device that’s totally electrically operated.  What’s more, they also ensure that you’re able to carry your clubs at the same time, so that you don’t have to lug them around alongside you with the strength of your back.

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