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6 Different Types Of Golf Course Signs Every Club Needs

Golf course signs will ensure that your patrons have an easy and enjoyable experience. Here are the six types that all courses should have.

Owning a business usually means owning a lot of signs, so that you can guide customers throughout your property and have them navigating the area as comfortably as if they’d been there a million times before.  The last thing that you want paying customers to be doing is wandering around aimlessly until they get too frustrated and just give up altogether.  But by ensuring that you have the proper golf course signs in order, you can ensure that you’re able to guide people throughout the course more easily than ever before.

Of course, there are actually quite a few different types of signs that you need for a  golf course, as there are plenty of different aspects of the course that you need to draw attention to.  Whether it’s pointing someone in the right direction, or signifying what each building is, you have to have guidance so that you can ensure customers are able to get around really easily and comfortably.  The key to someone being happy with their experience is ensuring that they were able to walk the entire course without wondering where to go next, and good golf course signs are going to do that.

Here are 6 that you want to have accounted for, so that you can provide a top experience to your customers:

1) Make sure you have a sign for the golf course itself.

This is really important so that you can signify that you’re in existence, and proudly announce the name of your organization.  Whether it’s Bob’s Golf Club, or Steve’s Country Club, whatever the name you want people to know that they’re in the right place right when they pull up.  This is key, and it’s really your first introduction so be sure that you have a big and stylish sign to point the way.  Typically you want to go with large hand worked wooden ones, as they tend to have the best impact.

2) Directional signs.

As a part of first going into the golf course itself, you also want to have signage to point people in the right direction.  That means guiding them to a parking lot, as well as pointing out spots that are reserved for the public or that are reserved for members as well.  Plus you also want to point out entrances and exits, as well as the rest rooms available straight away in the lodge.  This just makes navigating the area that much easier, which everyone will approve of.

3) Golf tournament signs.

These are also important, so that you can advertise your local tournaments and ensure that people are aware of the special events going on at the club.  Special events are really your bread and butter when you own a golf course, as this is where you drum up interest and make a lot of money from people that are attending the course that wouldn’t be normally.

4) Wooden golf signs specific to each hole.

This is really important to have so that you can outline both where the next hole is, but also so that you can outline what to expect.  It’s not really fair to approach a hole without knowing what to expect, so it’s important that you have an rendering of what the course looks like from above, so that a golfer can get a feel for how they should approach their shots, and what obstacles they’ll have to avoid.

5) Golf course signs identifying vehicle paths.

Allowing vehicles is something that most courses do, as they provide people the opportunity to get through a game faster, or just to avoid having to walk the whole course which is something that not everybody wants to have to do.  But you want to keep these off the green, as they can cause a lot of damage to the course when they are not used properly.  That’s something to be avoided, so you have to have signs identifying where the paths are.

6) Signs to signify service stations.

Most typically you want to have restrooms as well as ball washing stations periodically throughout the course, and you have to identify these easily.  With the right type of signage, you can make it easy to pick out where golfers should go, making their time on the course that much more pleasurable.

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