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6 Factors That Can Make Or Break Any Golf Stand Bags Purchase

Golf stand bags make it possible to haul your clubs in a much easier manner, but it's important that yours has the attributes to make it happen.

Getting the right types of golf stand bags is so important when you’re going to be walking around the course without carts, so that you can get a welcome break while you take the time to place your shots.  Carrying a big bag of all your clubs can be quite the workout, and by the time you’ve walked an entire course over the 18 playing holes, you’re going to find that you’ll be feeling pretty tuckered out.  But with golf stand bags you can make propping up your equipment all the easier, which makes golfing that much more fun.

These are basically bags that feature their own fold out stands, so that you can carry them like you would a normal bag, but then you can fold out a stand and they will sit up on their own.  This way, you can pour over your clubs to determine what your next shot is going to be. Or you can even just take a break from lugging them around on your shoulders while you’re waiting for your friends to take a shot.  Either way, here are 6 things that you want to think about when it comes to choosing your bag:

1) Finding a quality stand.

The biggest part of any golf stand bags review that you always want to pay attention to, is just in the quality of the stand itself.  Some only have one arm that comes down onto the ground, and that’s going to mean a wobbly bag that continuously falls over.  Instead, you need one with at least two arms, to set up tripod style strength, so that your bag is going to hang there in confidence.

2) Make sure your golf stand bags are lightweight.

Another major problem that you run into from time to time is just bags being heavier than you think they would be.  That’s another major problem, as it can be a huge hassle to lug around a 10+ pound bag the entire time that you’re on the course.  Instead go for the high quality lightweight fabrics that bring the weight down to a manageable 5 or 6 pounds.

3) You need to have plenty of pockets.

There’s a lot of stuff you have to take with you when you’re golfing. Whether it’s something like extra balls, towels, and even your valuables.  But you also need weather protection, and that can mean stashing a hood or umbrella within the bag as well.  That means pockets, and plenty of them if you want to be able to carry everything along nicely.

4) Always go with a good brand to guarantee quality.

It’s virtually a fact that golf experts like Titleist golf stand bags are going to be of a higher quality than Wilson or another less popular brand.  That’s because they are used by more pro golfers, and so have to feature more premium materials in their construction.  That means you can count on a lighter overall feel from your bag, but also a more durable construction that’s reminiscent of what you would expect were you on the PGA Tour.

5) Think about club protection.

It’s all well and good to have golf stand bags that can stand on their own, but you want them to be protecting your clubs while they do so. That means you have to buy those that feature individual club sleeves on the inside.  When you’re walking around normally, your clubs jostle and shake like crazy, and that can be a problem.  But with the right sort of bag, it’s really easy for you to stash your clubs and go, without having to worry about nicks or scratches because of the protective sleeves.

6) Finding the right outlet store.

Finally, you just want to find the right type of place to shop, where you’re going to have plenty of bags to buy from.  That’s why online stores like or can be great places for you to visit. Through both you can find a great selection of Nike golf bags, or even Titleist or TaylorMade.  Either way, you’re going to be able to ensure that you find top quality brands that boast top quality equipment.  Plus on most orders you can qualify for free shipping, so it won’t cost you a dime extra to order them.

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