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6 Great San Francisco Golf Courses You Can Find In The Bay Area

If you're in the Bay Area, any one of these six San Francisco golf courses will offer you a great 18 or 9 hole experience.

Finding great golf right outside your door is not hard when you live in a location like San Francisco.  They feature some of the best possible courses you can find anywhere, that offer you plenty of beauty, in addition to all the great challenges you could want on any course.  Plus you’re going to find that there are actually a lot of courses to choose from throughout the Bay Area.  That means you can hunt down just the style of San Francisco golf courses that are going to provide you with the best playing experience, depending upon what you’re looking for out of a game.

Of course, you want to look into your options as quickly as possible, as some courses tend to be pretty popular, so they have some long waiting lists in order for you to get tee times.  But so long as you’re able to really prepare, you can ensure that you’re always going to be able to get out on the course at some of the best locales you’ll play throughout the area.  Here are 6 of the top San Francisco golf courses that you can find right in your Bay Area backyard:

1) Harding Park Golf Course

One of the most beautiful courses that you’ll find throughout the area, here you can expect to see some fantastic sights, in addition to some great golf challenges.  The course starts out with the initial 9 taking place in the center of the Harding Park layout, with the later 9 branching out to encircle the course, until your challenging 18 which features the largest water hazard by far.

2) Presidio Golf Course

Another one of the top Bay Area attractions, what you will find from the Presidio is that it features all the style and class you would expect from a private club, but it’s been public since 1995.  That means plenty of opportunity for you to play all the quality holes, and really enjoy your time out on the course.  However, something else that you’re going to find is that you have to book at least 30 days in advance during golfing season, because of the popularity of the clubhouse.

3) Golden Gate Park Golf Course

Featuring an encircling design which is surrounded on all sides by cypress trees, you can expect some beautiful views throughout your time on the course. Plus it’s really just a course that’s designed for fun, as it’s an executive style 9 hole course, meaning there’s plenty of golf to be had, but you can get in and get out even if you only have a few hours to kill.

4) Lincoln Park Golf Course

One of the top spots of all San Francisco golf courses, this is one of the areas most prominently featured in the San Francisco City Golf Championships.  Plus you will find the 68 par difficulty over the 18 holes to be a refreshing challenge, but one that’s not overly daunting or intimidating if  you’re not an expert golfer.

5) Sharp Park Golf Course

Boasting a design by Alistair Mackenzie, you’re going to find that this is a truly glorious Bay Area golfing excursion that’s going to provide a great and sound challenge for any fan of golf.  What you get here is a par 72 course that’s in excess of the 7,000 yard marker.  This is also the same designed who created the Augusta national golf course, which is the site of The Masters.  That should be reason enough for you to want to see this course in action, and everything it has to offer you.

6) Gleneagles Golf Course

Located right inside McLaren Park, this is another one of those great distraction courses.  What you find here is a challenging enough 36 par executive 9 hole course.  But the whole design here is all about golfing fun, but also challenge for those that may be a bit more experienced in the finer points of the game.  Also featuring a design that earned them classification as one of the 20 best 9 hole courses in all of the USA.  That means if you’re looking for big golf feel, from a half size course, this is one of the top San Francisco golf courses that you want to play.


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