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6 Kids Golf Club Sets That Children Will Love

Looking for kids golf clubs? Here are six sets that aren't just high quality; they're also affordable.

Starting your child off on a path like Tiger Woods is famous for having taken is really a lot of work, and it’s going to require that you’re actually prepared for what’s involved with turning your child into a really good golfer.  One such thing that you’re going to have to do is actually buy them the right set of golf clubs.  Without a proper set of golf clubs, you’re going to find that they’re really never going to be able to get a grasp on the fundamentals young enough for them to make a real difference later on in life. That’s just why kids golf clubs are so vital.

You’re going to find that having the right set of clubs that your child can count on when it comes time to play some golf is really vital, for a few different reasons.  On the one hand they are essential because of your child’s smaller stature, in which they need a set of clubs that are much more ideal for their height and size.  But then you’re also going to find that buying the right set that can be just theirs is also cool, and usually kids are really receptive to that.

But you also want to make sure you’re still getting quality, even if you’re not going to be spending a lot.  So these are some of the top kids golf clubs to consider when you want to find the right set for your child:

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set

One of the top possible sets that you’ll find anywhere, there are several advantages that you’re going to have when buying kids golf clubs like these.  What you will find is that there are all sorts of great clubs out there, but usually they are too heavy or not heavy duty enough.  But an Intech Lancer set is assured of a comfortable balance between the two, for an ideal learning set.

Confidence Junior Golf Set

More of a basic type of set, but they still come with everything that you need to play a par 3 style of course, and to get your child really involved within the game.  You’ll find that these sets only really come with around four clubs which include a quality grade driver as well as an iron, wedge and putter.  That’s enough to teach them how to use each type of club, and ensure they have the idea when it comes time to choose a club for the position down the course.

Prosimmion Icon Deluxe Junior Golf Set

Of course if you demand a bit more from your kids golf clubs, then this might be the right type of set for you.  Here you actually get a driver, wedge and putter like most sets will provide, but you also get two irons, so that you can judge distances more accurately and really set them up for understanding the game.  You’re also going to find that while they are not the same quality as Nike kids golf clubs, they are enough to get you buy, and are much cheaper besides.

Golf Girl Junior Set

Have a daughter that you want to get into golf?  In that case you want to look for kids golf clubs that are actually made for girls, mostly just to ensure that they are well more than exciting enough to keep them invested in the sport.  These sets are great because they come with colorful and exciting pink coloring on everything, and that ensures captivating the heart of any girl.

Callaway XJ Junior clubs

But of course, if your chief interest is providing the utmost in quality for your child, then what you want to go with instead is the kids golf clubs that Callaway makes.  Here you get a selection of quality driver and fairway woods, as well as an iron, wedge and a putter too.  But they are one of the more high quality types, and at six pieces, you can be sure it’s enough for anybody to play on a kid’s style par 3 course.  Plus you’re definitely going to notice a difference in how long they last as well, meaning you can get some of that investment back if you choose to sell them or trade them in for different clubs as your child gets older.


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