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6 of the Best Computer Golf Games

Looking for some fun and realistic computer golf games? Here are six of the best PC gaming options in our humble opinions.

Getting out on a golf course is a great way to enjoy the sport, although for golfing fans and non-golfers another way to enjoy the sport is with some PC games. These typically offer the chance to take in some of the top courses around the world in a fun way, and for those that are interested in this form of entertainment the following are 6 of the best computer golf games.

John Daly’s Prostroke Golf

John Daly is a famous name in golf, and for a chance to rip it like the great man, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf can be a great game to choose. The game features the ProStroke control which enables shots to be set up and played in a realistic manner and there are 12 different courses to choose from, providing plenty of variation to keep the game interesting. As well as full tournament play, the game also offers a Challenge Mode where you can test you PC golf skills in various disciplines from driving to putting, and a series of trials are available in this mode. For fans of John Daly, golf enthusiasts and sports gaming fans, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf can be a good choice of computer golf game.

Jack Nicklaus 6 Golden Bear Challenge

Jack Nicklaus is one of those golfers that challenges for the title of best in the history of the sport, and for those that are fans of the man and his golf, the Jack Nicklaus: Golden Bear Challenge can be one of the best computer golf games to choose. It offers the chance to play as Jack Nicklaus himself or alternatively test your PC golfing game skills by taking him on, and this can be done on a choice of six different golf courses. The game has realistic looking courses and golfers, excellent graphics and the controls to play a huge variety of shots. This makes it a great choice for golfing fans looking to experience a real life golfing simulation on the PC.

Links Golf Game

While it has not been updated in a while, the Links computer golf game can still be a great choice. The game offers the chance to take in some of the top golf courses in the world and is available for download from Links Country Club, with the best deal involving five courses costing around $1.50 each to download. There are plenty of great courses to choose from and these are produced with an authentic look. Some of the options include Pebble Beach, Valhalla and the St. Andrews Old Course, although there are many more to choose from. The game play is realistic and with the many great courses available it can be a top choice of PC golf game.

My Golf Game featuring Ernie Els

This PC golf game offers the chance to create your own golf avatar to play the game, with the option of choosing from hundreds of personal features, as well as different clothing and equipment. Once created there are a variety of options for game play, which includes practicing the fundamentals of the sport, short practice rounds and playing a full 18 hole course. There are a few realistic courses to choose from including Wentworth. Pinehurst Number 2 and Westchester and the controls are simple to understand and use. It can therefore be a good choice for children or adults to test out their PC golf skills.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR

As one of the most famous names in golf over the last few years, a Tiger Woods endorsement ensures that a golf product will sell, and this is true of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour computer game. Produced by EA Sports, the game is updated on a regular basis and there are a few versions on the market these days. It is one of the most popular computer golf games around with the latest version being Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. The centerpiece of this game is playing the Masters Course at Augusta, and the course is realistically represented in the game. Game options include Road to the Masters which lets you start as an amateur and work your way through to playing at the course, Masters Moments, which puts you in the shoes of some of the past winners as you try to replicate the shots they played to win, and Tiger at the Masters, which lets you play some of the highlights of the great mans best moments in Masters history. This and the previous versions are excellent PC golf games and a top choice for many.

Hank Haney World Golf

This PC golf game has a range of modes in it which can be great fun to play. For those that like to simulate real play, there are twenty full 18-hole golf courses to choose from, although other game play modes include Par 3 Pitch and Putt, Mini Golf and even Crazy Golf courses. For those that like challenges there are play options such as nearest the pin and longest drive, and the game even allows the courses to be customized such that you can create your own to play. There is plenty on offer in the Hank Haney World Golf game, and this can make it a good choice for many.

PC gaming is extremely popular these days, and for those that like sporting challenges computer golf games can be a good choice. The 6 shown above are some of the best around, and these offer the chance to enjoy the sport in the comfort of your own home, with any one of them being a good choice.

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