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6 of the Top Golf Swing Speed Meter Options

A golf swing speed meter can provide you with invaluable feedback about your technique. Here are 6 of the best radar devices on the market.

When swinging a golf club, there is a balance to be achieved between generating sufficient club head speed to get good distance, without going overboard and swinging the club too fast and hard which is likely to produce a bad shot. Being able to measure the club speed can be a way to practice and optimize this, and for this reason there are a number of golf swing speed meter products on the market these days. The following are a few of the top options available.


The SwingMate golf speed meter bills itself as one of the most accurate on the market, and it is a simple device to use. It works in much the same way as a speed radar gun, with the device capable of recording the swing speed as the club head passes by. It is simply used by setting it down close to the ball, and when the club is swung the device will measure the speed and display this in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour. Some of the good features it has include the capability to calculate your optimal swing speed based on the results of 10 swings, and the ability to show the distance a ball would have traveled based on the club head speed generated.

Medicus Golf Power Meter

Medicus is a top name in golf training aids and the Medicus Golf Power Meter can be a good choice of swing speed meter. This meter works by attaching it to a club, and it can be used with the standard clubs in your bag, as well as the Medicus training clubs. When attached to a club it will measure and display the speed at which it is swung, and the device is small and portable enough to be kept in a golf bag for use whenever required.

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar is another of the devices that is placed on the ground close to the ball to measure club head speed using radar. It is capable of measuring speeds between 20 and 200 miles per hour, which easily covers the swing speeds of most golfers. It can measure and display the speed for each swing, as well as use the information to calculate the best speed to suit your swing for optimum accuracy and distance.

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer

This device is used in a similar manner to the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar meter, although as well as measuring the swing speed, it also measures the time taken to swing the club from takeaway to striking the ball. This provides the advantage of also letting you work on the tempo of your swing to try and keep this more consistent. Swing speed and tempo are two of the crucial factors in achieving good line and length on a golf shot, and this golf swing speed meter provides a way in which to measure and work on both.

Zelocity PureContact

The Zelocity PureContact swing speed meter is another simple device to use, that is placed next to the ball for it to work. The unit is capable of measuring club head speed, and based on this will estimate the carry distance. Both readings are automatically displayed when a swing is made, and the device has a 100 shot memory so that you can keep track of your progress during a training session. With a rugged design and compact size, it can easily be carried around in a golf bag for use whenever required.

TaylorMade TR3 Speed Stik

This is a slightly different type of golf swing speed meter, in that rather than just measuring speed it also works as a training aid to help a golfer increase their club head speed. Rather than swinging a golf club, as is the case with other meters, it is the TR3 Speed Stik itself that is swung. It is heavier than a standard golf club and this helps to overload the swing, which works to develop the muscles required to generate greater speeds. The device is capable of measuring the speed at which it is swung to provide instant feedback, which can show the improvements being made as the use of the training aid progresses.

Improving and optimizing the speed at which a golf club is swung can translate to more accurate shots of greater distance. There are a variety of training aids on the market to help with this, with those shown above being some of the top golf swing speed meter options on the market.


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