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6 Questions To Ask Before Buying Used Electric Golf Carts

The appeal of used electric golf carts as opposed to new ones is obvious, but buyers must exercise caution. Be sure to ask these six questions when shopping around.

Saving money by purchasing used electric golf carts is usually a good decision when you want to own one, because it can save you a ton of money.  However, you want to be sure that your investment is still worthwhile, and some of the problem that you can run into when it comes to a used model is just not knowing of it’s quality before buying.  This is something that you have to investigate pretty carefully, as you’re going to find that not all golf carts are in the best of condition when sold used.  You have to be able to tell the difference, and it’s vital that you know a good deal, and which used electric golf carts to avoid.

That means you want to ask yourself a few questions.  You want to ensure that you know how much the cart was used, in addition to being able to judge it’s overall condition by looking as well. There are several different types of techniques that you can employ to actually judge the quality of the cart, and it’s really all about asking yourself the right questions.  Here are 6 you always want to keep in mind, when you’re considering any used electric golf carts:

1) How old is the cart?

This is always a good question, as used golf carts are limited in how long they are going to be able to run properly.  You always want to look at the serial number so that you can get an idea of just how old the cart is.   Usually it’s okay to get those that are a few years old, but you want to stay away from those that have been in use for some time, as it can mean they are on their last legs.  If you can’t find the serial number, then it’s a red flag that you should not buy this cart.

2) Where was the cart in use?

In many cases when you’re looking at used electric golf carts, you’re going to find that they typically come from golf courses, as that’s usually where  a lot of carts will be in employ and where they will be sold from when it’s time to buy a new fleet.  You want to think about the location because it tells you how much the cart was used.   When you’re buying from the Southern California or even Florida types of areas, you’re going to find the golfing seasons are much longer, so the carts take on a lot more wear and tear.

3) Have you tested the cart?

No matter how good a deal looks, or how much you enjoy what you’re seeing about the cart, you need to drive them. This will tell you if there are any engine problems or alignment issues.  But you want to be sure to go up and down a few hills, as most of the time used golf carts will lose their ability to roll around and over hills as they age, because the engines take on so much wear and tear.

4) How is the condition described?

This is a subtle detail that can make a massive difference in the quality of the vehicle or what you should be able to expect.  Anything that is described as being sold “as is” is something that you want to avoid.  This means the cart was not serviced and did not go through a thorough inspection, which means something is bound to go wrong once you get them home.

5) Are there any accessories?

This can be a big one, as you can build it into the cost of the cart.  If the cart comes with accessories that you want like covers, radios, windshields and other things that carts don’t need but that can be nice to have, you can usually get a better deal not having to buy all of these yourself.

6) Is there a warranty or guarantee?

You want to be sure that you get some type of guarantee on the life of your used electric golf carts.  They usually will not be for that long, and even the best warranty is only likely to run for a period of about six months.  But it’s important that you have at least this, so that if a problem does crop up from regular use, you can have the cart fixed without it costing you an arm and a leg.

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