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6 Reasons Bandon Dunes Golf Packages Are The Perfect Vacation For Any Golfer

Bandon Dunes golf packages give you the opportunity to experience true beauty in a unique setting. Here's are 6 reasons it's worth a visit.

While Bandon Dunes, Oregon may not seem like the most ideal place for you to go on a golfing vacation, it’s actually one of the best places for several different reasons.  Namely, it provides you with a really beautiful place that you can enjoy the Pacific Ocean, and fantastic natural shorelines, in addition to great championship golf that you won’t find anywhere else.  Moreover, most Bandon Dunes golf packages are totally affordable, and the Resort provides you with more activities than you’ll ever have time for, giving you plenty of things to do, no matter the style of vacation that you’re looking for.

In fact, there are a large variety of different great features that make Bandon Dunes golf packages the ideal way to take a great golfing vacation without having to spend a ton of money.  That’s always the big trouble with most vacations, and balancing out how much you have to spend, versus the location that you will be visiting is always going to be hard.  But here are 6 fantastic reasons that Bandon Dunes golf packages are the right choice for you, no matter the type of vacation you were hunting for:

1) Beautiful location.

The first thing that you’re going to find when it comes to any type of Baden Dunes golfing experience, is that it’s a remarkably beautiful atmosphere.  The view that you’ll have anywhere on the resort, is of the 23 miles of surrounding natural beach that leads off right into the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  That makes for great sights at any time of the day, but an especially beautiful place to spend the early hours of the morning as you watch the sun rise for the start of the day.

2) Four different quality golf courses to choose from.

A big part of most golfing vacations is finding plenty of places where you can play, and experience different types of terrain.  That means here you’re in luck, as there are four different courses that provide you with a different view and a different experience.  You can choose amongst Bandon Dunes, Old MacDonald, Bandon Trails, and Pacific Dunes.  They all offer 18 holes, and full quality golf experiences, with each course offering you a different unique view of the surrounding beautiful landscape.

3) Bandon Dunes also offers a full instructional center.

If you want some learning as a part of your Bandon Dunes golf packages, you’re going to find that you’re in luck because there are plenty of chances here for you to learn the game a little better. With your time at Bandon Dunes, you’re going to be able to learn more about the game of golf than you’d ever known before, which virtually guarantees you’re going to be able to leave a much more talented golfer than when you arrived.

4) Plenty of shopping opportunities.

Whether you’re after new quality golf equipment, or if you’re looking for great souvenirs that you can bring home, this is the place for you. They feature fully stocked golf pro shops, as well as souvenir shops, so that you can find that perfect item to really make your trip memorable.  Or you can even buy a brand new set of clubs, and have them custom fitted to your specific handicap.

5) Tons of opportunities for dining.

Another thing that you’re going to find that go right alongside Bandon Dunes golf packages, is that they provide you with a choice of 6 different bars and restaurants.  Whether you want to get your fill from the Gallery Restaurant, Tufted Puffin Lodge, or if you want to chill out with friends at the Bunker Bar or McKee’s Pub, or even if you just want a great steak or burger from the Pacific Grill, there’s a ton of opportunities to pick your meal.

6) Plenty of lodging opportunities.

Whether you’re just there on your own, looking for a single room to spend a few nights, or if you want to rent an entire four bedroom cottage, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy yourself in true style.  This way, you can pick your Bandon Dunes golf packages, so that you can ensure a romantic atmosphere, or so that you can save money considering you’re not going to be in the room that much anyways.

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