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6 Things That You Need From Your Golf Mock Shirts

Any golf mock shirts you're considering should contain all of these six traits. Do yours?

In just about every type of sport out there, the clothing that you wear underneath your main gear is just as important as any other part of the game.  The types of golf mock shirts that you buy for example, can really affect how well you’re able to perform when you’re on the course, so it’s really important that you make the right type of selection.  Whether you’re looking for those that are going to keep you extra warm, or perfectly calm, cool and collected, there are going to be shirts out there for you.  And it’s really important that you narrow down just the type that are going to get the job done.

These may be types of sportswear that’s actually unfamiliar to you, as most golfers don’t realize how beneficial equipment like this can be.  But it’s really important that you consider the investment, and that you look for the right types of golf mock shirts that can enhance your performance.  Once you get the right set, you can ensure that you’ll be golfing in a way that you just never have been before, so it’s important that you know what to look for:

1) Just what are golf mock shirts designed to do?

A mock shirt is really all about performance these days.  But basically this is the shirt that you wear underneath your polo and that goes up high on the neck to give you a certain look, or they can also be worn on their own as well depending upon the style.  But these days they are made to be all about performance and they can provide helpful muscle compression as well as comfort in addition to style.

2) Make sure your shirt has the right level of compression.

The first thing that you’re going to want to investigate is what type of compression you want your shirt to have, so that you can get the right feel.  Some shirts are made to be pretty tight and are made to constrict and support your muscles.  This way, you can put more power in a swing, and you can also resist injuries that can occur when you’re playing golf.  But then there are also those that are much lighter and are more deigned for comfort.

3) Make sure your golf mock shirts have sweat wicking tech installed.

A big part of staying comfortable when you’re playing golf is ensuring that you stay dry and cool, and part of that is making sure you’re not sweating.  Whether it’s because of all the walking under the hot sun, swinging those clubs around for hours, or even just the pressure of the last big shot of the tournament, you want to stay dry and comfortable.  That’s why getting the right types of golf mock shirts is such a great idea.  With sweat wicking technology they strip the moisture right off your body, leaving you totally dry.

4) Think about whether to go long sleeve or short sleeve.

You will find that you can usually select either long sleeve, or also short sleeve golf mock shirts.  Usually long sleeve is really ideal so that you can provide that extra bit of warmth when it comes to golfing in the later seasons of the year.  But then going with short sleeve is the best decision for the summer time.  In fact, there are even those with no sleeves, so that you can protect your core but then stay nice and cool on the outside.

5) Pick a collar

You’ll find that another thing about most types of golf mock shirts is that they have different types of collars from model to model, so that you can choose those that are of the size that are going to be the most comfortable to you.  Some are pretty short, so that they are just like the collar of a normal shirt.  But some go all the way up like a mock turtleneck, and some can be a bit thicker for neck comfort, or more loose to keep you cozy.

6) Always buy from a good brand.

Another thing that you want to do is just ensure that you’re getting your shirt from a great brand.  That means going with something like Under Armour, Nike, or even brands like Adidas as well.  This way, you can benefit from the technology that they’ve used in more physically intensive sports, to enjoy more comfortable and well tuned golfing.

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