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6 Types of Kids Golf Sets That Can Get Junior Out On The Course

These 6 top junior golf sets will provide endless fun and great training for any youth interested in learning how to play.

If you want to help your child become the next Tiger Woods, or Lee Westwood, you’ve got to get them started early.  That means that you need to buy the right types of kids golf sets so that you can outfit them with the equipment that they need to play.  They are just made lighter and smaller like kids need, so that they can properly hold and use the clubs, which can be an issue when you’re talking about adult sets.  It’s just a matter of knowing which types that you should buy, that are still going to be advantageous when it comes to the actual quality of the clubs.

Even though these are sets that you want to buy for your children to use only for a small time, you still want to put a massive amount of thought into them.  With any types of kids golf sets, you have to think about several different factors, but one of the biggest is size.  There are clubs made for certain age groups or heights, and it’s vital that you buy the types of clubs that will fit within those boundaries.  It’s always okay to go a bit bigger so they’ll grow into them, but here are always your greatest options when it comes to getting a great set:

1) Callaway XJ Series

These are clubs specially made for the younger golfer, and that means that they are going to be perfect for any child.  Plus you’ll also find that they still have the quality that you would expect from a prestigious manufacturer like Callaway, so you can be sure that they are really built to play.  You’ll also find that most sets include an Odyssey putter as well, which may not seem like a big thing, but it actually is as Odyssey are one of the best possible manufacturers when you’re talking about putting hardware.

2) Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

If you’re looking for affordable junior golf set golf prices, then this is more your style, as you’ll find that they are extremely affordable but still present you with the perfect quality that’s not going to be overpriced.  That’s something that can be really important, as they are clubs your child will only be using for a short time.  You want to make sure they’re quality, but that they are also a fair price considering they’ll only be needed for a short while.

3) Intech Future Tour Pee Wee Junior Golf Set

You don’t need a lot for younger golfers, and this is the most basic type of set that’s going to have just about everything that you need to play a round of par three.  You’ll get complete as a part of the set a driver, two irons, a wedge as well as a putter.  That’s just enough so that you can get your golf on, in a limited capacity, but in a way that is such that you can get the basics down, which is really what’s important for your child coming through.

4) Prosimmon Icon Junior Golf Club Set & Stand Bag for kids ages 4-7 RH

More quality again at a lower price, this is a really ideal choice for the very young, or also those golfers that are going to be on the cusp of getting an adult size set pretty soon.  Plus they have just about everything that you need to play, but also a more ideal training putter, so that you can really get a feel for putting that’s more forgiving than an adult’s putter is going to be.

5) Golf Girl Junior Set

Of course, you can also craft the future of women’s golf as well, and for that it can be helpful to buy a fun set that just feels more girlie.  This is just what you’re looking for, and it’s going to make playing much more fun because of the pink accents on the golf bag as well as all the actual clubs.

6) Fisher-Price I Can Play Golf

While not technically a kids golf set necessarily, you’ll find that this is still a great way to get your kids interested in golf.  For the very young, like toddler aged children this is an ideal set because it’s plastic construction means it’s safe and durable, but also ensures it’s lightweight and easy for them to use.  With this type of kids golf club sets, you can have fun just running around the yard teaching them the first lessons that can put them on the way to a PGA tour career.


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