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6 Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

Your swing is one of the most important components of the sport. Here are 6 ways to improve your golf swing if you're looking for ideas.

Having a consistently good golf swing is one of the keys to playing the sport well, and this is true for all golfers from the novice to the more experienced. However, it can be a difficult task and needs some commitment and work for your swing to improve. It can pay to make the effort though, and there are a number of options available for golfers that want to achieve a better swing.

Professional Lessons

One of the best options for golf swing improvement, especially for novices, is to book a session with a professional. Many golf courses have a professional and they can typically provide clinics or one-to-one training. Most trained golf professionals have the experience to watch a golfer play a shot and suggest ways in which they can improve their swing. They can provide a golfer with tips on stance, grip and the mechanics of the swing to enable them to improve. A one-on-one lesson for a half day or more should provide enough time to get to grips with the basics of your swing and be shown techniques to improve it. Asking at a local golf club about professional lessons can be an excellent way to lay the foundations of a good swing.

Use Golf Swing Training Aids

There are plenty of home use swing training devices for golf on the market these days and these can help in achieving an improved swing. The Refiner Pro 6 Iron is available from for $58, and is an adjustable hinged golf club that has the aim of producing a smoother swing with a more even tempo. The aim of using the device is to swing the club and hit a ball without the hinge breaking. If the hinge breaks it can reveal a range of faults in a swing and using the Refiner Pro can help iron these out. The Super Swing Trainer, which can be found for sale starting at $160 at is another useful swing training aid. This is a frame which helps a golfer achieve a more effective swing plane and can be used to practice the same swing again and again. This teaches muscle memory, such that when on the golf course, a golfer can recreate the same swing to hit a more accurate shot.

Use Videotape Analysis

While swinging a club in front of the mirror can be effective in seeing your swing, a more sophisticated method these days is high speed video capture. This is where the swing motion is videotaped such that it can be watched back frame by frame to pick up any faults. Devices on the market include the Golf Swing Video Recorder, which can be found for sale at for a price of $399. This is small enough to fit on a golf bag and can be used on the course. It can also be used at home to videotape a swing and watch it in slow motion to identify any faults, which can then be corrected.

Use Training DVD’s

Carrying out a little studying can help in improving a golf swing. There are a number of professional golfers and golf teachers that have produced DVD’s which show the mechanics of their swing technique and tips for improving. Watching professionals in action and giving swing advice can be a way to pick up advice that can help improve your own swing. has a swing instruction DVD series called Swing Machine Golf available for $99, which is aimed at helping those that watch to achieve an improved swing. is a company founded by the golf teacher Mike Pederson and his swing instruction DVD is available on his website for $72.

Try Different Grips

The golf grip is fundamentally important to the sport as how the club is held will obviously affect the swing. There are three basic grips, which include the interlocking grip, the overlapping grip and the ten finger grip. Each has its own advantages and trying each of these to find which is the most comfortable can be useful in improving your swing. The golf grip is considered the foundation of a good swing, and experimenting a little to find which one suits your game best can help in producing a smoother and more consistent swing.


When all is said and done, one of the best ways to improve a golf swing is to get out and hit balls. This can be done on the practice range, the driving range or the golf course. Playing shots enables you to see the result of your swing in terms of the flight of the ball, how far it goes and where it ends up. Rather than just hitting balls, however, practice enables the tips and advice you have received to be tried out to see how these affect the swing. If you find that these improve distance and accuracy, work to include these in your swing on a consistent basis. Practice enables you to experiment with your swing and this can result in improvement.

Improving your golf swing takes a little dedication and hard work, although can be worth it in terms of playing more enjoyable golf and reducing scores. There are a number of ways to go about improving your swing, with the six methods above being some of these. Trying one or more should bring some improvement to your game.

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