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7 Formats For Golf Tournaments That Guarantee A Great Spectacle

Golf tournaments can be exhilarating, appealing to golfers of all levels. Here are 7 of our favorite formats if you're looking to put one together.

The key to ensuring that golf tournaments are really memorable, is coming up with a fun format to see who’s best.  This is the major draw if you’re having a fun local outing, corporate excursion, or anything else of the sort.  You want to find ways that you can do something different, but still have fun as well as have the opportunity for your talents to shine.  There really are a lot of different formats for tournaments, so you’ll find that you have a ton of options on which type you want to go with.

But it’s also a great idea to consider different types of golf tournament formats, so that you can figure out what’s best served for who’s playing, how many people are playing, as well as what type of course you’re playing on.  Some forms are going to be better than others, which is why it’s a good idea to really explore your options before settling on any one type of tournament. Here are 7 of the most common, and how you can implement then at your next major golf gathering:

1) Scramble

This is perhaps the most common and popular type of team format.  This is where teams involving 2, 3 or even 4 people all play the same best shot on each stroke.  That means everyone starts off at the same tee, and then the person with the longest drive is the new spot where everyone starts from.  After that, it continues on the next shot, and so on and so forth.

2) Alternate Shot

This is a fun method for planning a tournament that may not be as serious, but that’s more about just having some fun out on the course.  This is where teams of two actually alternate shots.  That means one tees off, and then the next person plays the ball from where it lands, and so on and so forth.  This is done throughout the course, alternating until you’ve played all the holes on offer.

3) Flags

Sort of a different way to play and determine who is best on the course.  This is where each player has a set number of strokes that is dictated by their handicap.  That means the better you are, the fewer number of strokes you will have.  The game ends once you’re out of strokes, and the person that gets the farthest on the strokes they have in relation to their handicap, is ended as the winner.

4) Callaway system

If you’re looking to play a fundraiser golf tournament, or something else where a lot of people are going to be playing that don’t know their handicaps, the Callaway system is a good way to make a rough assessment.  This is where everybody starts off at the same hole, and then consult a chart after playing that hole, to see what your rough handicap could be considered to be, based upon how many strokes you took to get into the hole.  This way, the course can be made that much more fair for everyone involved.

5) Best Ball

This is a team format style, by which you’re able to go off of the best golfers tally on that hole, as the team score.  That means whether your team consists of two or three members, whoever scores the lowest on the hole, is the score that’s kept, so that at the end of the day the team with the best, best scores ends up being the winner.

6) Modified Stableford

One of the golf tournaments that was made popular by the PGA tour, and that’s played on a yearly basis.  This is a type of tournament by which a point score is related to each type of under par achievement.  Whether you’re talking about an eagle, birdie, etc.  Then the higher your point total at the end of the tournament, the better you perform, with the highest score winning it all.  This is a fun way to play golf in a different fashion, you score higher, by scoring lower on each hole.

7) Bingo Bango Bongo

A great format of playing golf, as it rewards players for different things during the course of playing a hole.  You’ll be rewarded for being the first to get on the green, as well as the closest to the hole once on the green, as well as getting the ball into the hole first.


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