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7 Golf Deals Worth Checking Out

Golf deals can be found all over the place these days, making it very possible to save money on rounds, equipment, clothing, and more. Here are 7 worth a look.

While golf is a popular sport with many, it can be a costly game to take up. However, it does not need to be an overly expensive game and for those interested in the sport, there are a range of great golf deals available. Many of these can be found on the internet and the following are a few to look out for to bring the cost of playing down.

Discount Tee Times

Getting on the course is not always affordable, especially if your aim is to play the best locations. However there are ways to lower the cost of doing this and a number of companies offer discount tee times. These golf deals can be a way to play some great courses at a more affordable rate, and are generally worth checking out wherever you want to play. Some of the websites where this type of deal can be found include Golf Now, Tee Time Watch and EZLinks.

Golfing Vacations

Golf vacations are popular with those that play the sport and there are a variety of places where discounted rates for golf resorts can be found. This type of golf deal can be useful for those that like to combine some relaxation with the game and there are a number of websites to look for these. Some of the options available include Golf Zoo, which offers discounted vacation packages to 40 locations in the US and Caribbean and Golf n Vacations, which offers golf vacation deals in a number of US states, as well as Mexico.

Golf Equipment

For players that are looking for some deals on clubs, a variety of websites can be found which offer discount options on some top equipment. Great Golf Deals is one of these, and they offer affordable clubs from some of the top manufacturers including Cobra, Wilson and Powerbilt. Another option is Best Buy Golf Supply, which is an authorized dealer for manufacturers such as Callaway and TaylorMade and offers the clubs they sell at some of the lowest prices around.

For those looking for other golf equipment such as bags and carts, Discount Golf World is an option to check out. They offer golf deals on a variety of golfing equipment, and are authorized dealers for a number of the top brands including Titleist, Mizuno and Cleveland Golf.

Golf Apparel

For golfers interested in finding golf apparel deals, there are a few websites that can offer discounted prices on some great gear. Golf Locker has a Hottest Deals section that has some of the best prices on golf shoes. This includes deals on brands such as Footjoy and Adidas, which are available at good discounts to the standard retail price.

Golf clothing can be an expensive part of the equipment required to play the game, and for those that want to stock up on some of the best brands at affordable prices, Rock Bottom Golf is a retailer to look to. They have a wide variety of styles available from manufacturers such as Ashworth and Oakley, as well as the top golf brands, and this includes golf polos, trousers, skirts, outerwear, hats and caps. These are sold at discount prices and the deals available will let you kit yourself out to play the game at an affordable price.

Junior Deals

Many kids can take an interest in golf after watching the top professionals show their skills, and it can be an expensive option to kit them out for something that they may lose interest in fairly quickly. Junior Golf Deals is an option for parents looking for affordable prices to make sure they don’t spend too much kitting out their children to play golf. They have deals on beginner sets with costs starting at only $45, and they have options for other equipment such as clothing, bags, trolleys and golf accessories. For parents looking for a good deal for their kids golfing equipment, it can be a site worth checking out.

While golf can be an expensive sport, it does not necessarily have to be and there are a great many golf deals out there for those willing to take the time to find them. Those shown above are some of the options available on the internet and these can help golfers of any age play the game at an affordable cost.

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