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7 Golf Magazines That Deserve Your Subscription

Can't get enough golf? Fortunately, there are plenty of magazines out there for nuts like us. Here are 7 that we fully endorse.

When you’re a golfer, and a fan of the PGA tour, it’s a lot of fun getting all the inside information about all of your favorite courses, as well as favorite golfers.   That’s why having subscriptions to the top golf magazines is a great way to make sure that you can keep up on everything that’s going on in the sport, from every angle.  It’s just a matter of knowing which ones are worth the money, and which really aren’t worth your time as much.  Here are 7 of the best, that can offer you something worthwhile to read every time your golf publications arrive. 

1)      Golf Digest

This is basically the definitive magazine that every golfer needs, because it really is for golfers, and written by golfers.  Here you’ll find all sorts of tips and tricks guaranteed to provide you with the information that you need so that you can tweak just about every aspect of your game.  Plus, it’s advice provided by real pros that know exactly what they’re talking about, so that you know they’re tips that are going to fine tune every part of the course.  Plus it’s published 12 times a year, so you can look forward to one issue a month.

2)      Golf Illustrated Magazine.

If you’re  big fan of all things covering the golf world, this is the magazine for you.  Also, Golf Illustrated is the oldest golf publication in the US, making it the most classic sporting choice if you’re looking for well defined coverage that’s proven to be some of the best.  What’s more, it’s also published 6 times a year, meaning you can get all sorts of great information regarding your game, and the PGA pros that make things spectacular to watch, on a bimonthly basis.

3)      Golf Magazine

Another one of the really big golf publications, and one of the top golf magazines that you can subscribe to.  Like golf digest, you’re going to find that this is published 12 times a year, making it a magazine you can look forward to every single month. But what you’re also going to find is that it’s also one of the best in terms of pro coverage.  While you may not get quite so much in terms of actual tips to get your game better, you are going to find plenty of coverage of the PGA pros that keep you coming back for more. 

4)      Golf Tips Magazine

If you’re looking for golf publications that offer you fantastic golf tips that provide you with just what you need to be the best player that you can be, look no further. You’re going to find that this is the most in depth tip magazine that you’ll find anywhere, so it’s guaranteed to provide you with just the type of information that you need to work on every part of your game.  With Golf Tips, you can be sure that you get 7 issues a year that are made to provide you with everything you need to fine tune your swing, as well as your understanding of the game and your technique.

5)      Golf Fitness

This is another golfer publication that’s designed to give you a better understanding of the physical side of the game, as well as the mental.  This is where you can get all the tips that you need to get yourself playing better, and that is going to provide you with the mental fitness that you need to adjust to the game and play your best, beyond the physical parts that can be important.  This is another magazine that’s published on a bimonthly basis, so you can expect 6 issues a year.

6)      Golf World magazine

Sometimes 12 issues and especially only 6 just don’t cut it when you really like to read about the game, and experience it that much more.  That’s why it helps to have a subscription that’s going to provide you with plenty of reading throughout the year.  Golf World does this and more, as it’s one of the few golf magazines that are published 43 times a year, providing you with a ton of reading material. 

7)      Golf Week

While not quite so prestigious as some of the other magazines, this is another one of those fantastic ones to invest in if you like to read a bit more than just one issue a month.  Golf Week is published 25 times a year, so you can count on an issue every few weeks.  What’s more, you still get all the expert analysis as well as pro tips that you would expect to fine tune your game like a real PGA pro.

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