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7 Golf Tips for Beginners Guaranteed to Help

If you're a novice at the sport, these 7 golf tips for beginners will surely help you out.

For anyone that decides to take up golf there are plenty of aspects of the game that need to be learned. While this can be slightly daunting for the novice, with a little practice they should be able to start enjoying and improving their game. For those that are new to the sport, the following are 7 golf tips for beginners that are guaranteed to help their game.

Get Some Lessons

One of the best golf tips for beginners that should be heeded is to get some lessons to learn the fundamentals of the game. Golf teachers are experienced in teaching golfers the basics of the game to develop a solid consistent swing, and it can be much better to do this than try to teach yourself. Learning from a teacher means it is less likely that you will pick up bad habits, which may prove to be difficult to iron out of your game once ingrained.

Progress to an 18 Hole Golf Course

While playing 18 holes of golf can be a great experience, it is generally best for beginners to work their way up to this. Getting some lessons to learn the fundamentals of the game is generally the best way to start. Try out what you learn at lessons at the driving range and then find some local pitch and putt and 9 hole golf courses to extend your game. Once you become a little more comfortable on these, then progress to an 18 hole course. An 18 hole golf course can be a little intimidating to a novice and slowly working your way up to this is a more sensible option, meaning by the time you get to it you are ready for the demands it will put on your game.

Hire Golf Clubs

There is a huge variety of golf clubs on the market these days and it can be an expensive proposition to purchase many of these. However, if you rush out and buy a set that does not suit your game it can be an expensive mistake, and in the beginning a better way can be to hire golf clubs to play. Many driving ranges will have different sets available and this provides the opportunity to try a few manufacturers and golf club types to find those with which you feel most comfortable. Once you have identified a suitable set, you can buy with a little more confidence that the clubs will suit you.

Buying Golf Clubs

When you get around to buying golf clubs make sure they are the right size for you. Golf clubs are not one size fits all, and having a length of shaft that suits your height can make for a better swing and improved shots. It can also be better to have a half set to start off with, as this cuts down the club selection requirements involved which can make things easier. Most beginners will not really gain anything by having a full set of clubs and a half set should easily suit their needs.

Stay Relaxed

For beginners to the game it is inevitable that plenty of bad shots will be hit and plenty of balls will be lost. This is part and parcel of the learning process and getting overly frustrated about it will put you in the wrong frame of mind for the game and also tends to tense up the body and muscles. This in turn makes it more difficult to hit a good shot, leading to further frustration and so it goes on. One of the best golf tips for beginners is to try to stay relaxed and have fun when playing or practicing, taking the shots as they come, good or bad.

Follow Through

Many novice golfers tend to look up to see where the ball has gone when they strike it, rather than concentrating on the follow through. However this is a bad habit to pick up and it is more important to concentrate on following through properly and completing the swing. Bringing your head up too early will affect your swing and is more than likely to result in a poor shot. Concentrate of striking the ball and following through to complete the swing, which will bring your head up naturally.

Practice, Practice, Practice

While it is an obvious one, beginners should take as much opportunity to practice as possible. This can be on the course playing golf holes, on the practice range hitting balls, in your garden practicing the basics of a swing or even in the office or home with a simple putting mat. The only real way to improve at golf is to put in the hours of practice and the more time you devote to this, the quicker you will get to the level of play you are aiming at.

Getting started in golf can be a little daunting, although it is something to look forward to and enjoy for those with an interest. The golf tips for beginners shown above are designed to provide some advice for a novice, and taking note of these should help to get you started and on your way to playing the game well.


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