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7 Reasons The Golf Launchpad Is One Of The Best Golf Simulators For Sale

One of the best golf simulators for sale happens to be the Golf Launchpad. Here are seven reasons we believe this to be the case.

Finding a golf simulator that’s going to give you great value for money, in addition to a true to golf experience is really hard. There just aren’t that many out there that can provide you with as realistic an experience as possible, in addition to one that’s going to be a lot of fun as well.  But really, you want to be looking for golf simulators for sale that provide you with a learning experience as well, so that you’re constantly evolving your game, and getting better and better as you go along.  If you’re not practicing up and looking for ways to get better, your skills are always going to stay drooped at that beginners level.

That’s why you want to consider adding a Golf Launchpad to your living room entertainment lineup.  They are much more than just a simple golf simulator machine, and you’ll find that they can help to improve your game in ways that you never thought possible before.  Here are 7 reasons the Golf Launchpad Tour apparatus is the right investment for you:

1) Small, convenient size.

For starters, this is one of the smallest real feel golf sims that you’ll find literally anywhere.  Featuring a design which ensures it’s only a few feet wide, you can ensure that it’s going to fit into any living room with ease.  This way, you can ensure it’s easy to setup, and you don’t have to commit that room to being the golf simulator area.

2) Wireless real weight tethered ball.

A major problem with so many simulators is that they don’t really capture the feel of the game in terms of how you play the ball.  But with golf simulators for sale like the Golf Launchpad, it’s going to feel just like you’re hitting a high quality Titleist down the course, because you’re hitting a tournament weighted ball.  That means it’s going to feel exactly the same as if you were really hitting the ball, which guarantees total accuracy.

3) Three convenient ways for you to play.

The Golf Launchpad Tour simulator is compatible with PC operating systems, in addition to Mac, and you can even use them with a Playstation 3.  This way, you determine how you want to play, and you can ensure that you’re going to get the most realistic golf experience possible throughout the method you choose.

4) Golf Launchpad is also compatible with Tiger Woods PGA Tour games.

Big fan of the Tiger Woods games, but don’t like the fact that you can’t hold a real golf club while you’re swinging?  While with this home golf simulator, you’ll find that you can hook it right up to your PS3 to automatically sync the device with your Tiger Woods game.  This way, your real life actions are translated on screen, so that you can get the real feeling of what it’s like to compete with the world’s finest golfers.

5) USB powered design means no hassle with electrical cords.

Another pain of many devices is that you have to have so many cords all throughout the house, which can be a pain to step over, and a real pain when you trip over them.  But with this type of indoor golf apparatus, you can ensure there’s just the one power cord going from device to your computer or Playstation, so it’s much more convenient.

6) Launchpad features LPDR sophisticated swing analysis software.

If you want a full swing analysis, beyond just how you’re hitting the ball, then you’re in luck because you also get the advantage of full swing software.  This can judge and measure your entire swing, so that you can see just what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong.

7) Launchpad is one of the most affordable sophisticated home golf simulators.

Finally, the biggest advantage of going with Golf Launchpad Tour, is just that it’s so much cheaper than many other types.  You get big money value here, and the same type of usability a system in the thousands would provide.  But the Launchpad is one of the few golf simulators for sale that you can pick up for $200 in many cases.  That’s golf anybody can afford, and you’ll be amazed by the quality provided.


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