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7 Standards By Which To Judge The Perfect Home Golf Simulator For You

A home golf simulator could seriously hone your skills inside while you're off the course. Finding the best one can be more difficult, but don't fret: here's how to do it.

When you’re a real fan of golf,  you have a passion and a love for the game that has you wanting to play all the time, but that just isn’t possible for most of us.  With a busy life, and a family, it can be hard to get out on a quality green when you want, because taking the trip can take up too much time.  But with a home golf simulator, you can experience all the thrill of really playing on the worlds best courses, without ever having to leave your home.

Of course, you’re going to find that some simulators are better than others, so you have to really think about your decision and what type you want to go with.  You’ll find that home golf simulators can be as varied as the world of golf courses and equipment itself, so it’s important you have standards by which you can judge and determine the right type for you.

1) Set a firm price standard.

This is the first thing that you want to do, as you can get a little crazy when it comes to the best home indoor golf game or simulator.  Some can cost upwards of $3,000 while you can get some for just a few hundred, and it’s important you figure out the difference that’s most comfortable for you.  Work with your budget, and then find something that’s going to get the job done within those standards.

2) Consider space requirements.

Another big one that can dictate which type of home golf simulator is for you, as some are simply too big for the average home.  If you’re talking about one that has a giant faux grass carpet, and a massive big screen for your digital graphics, those aren’t going to fit into a pretty small house with a lower rooftop, and so isn’t going to be realistic no matter the cost.

3) Do you actually want to be hitting a ball?

This is important, because it can dictate just how real the game feels to you, and how much you feel as though you’re actually playing.  You’re going to find that here are simulators that just judge how you swing the club.  But then there are those that actually take into account how you’re actually hitting a small tethered golf ball, so that you really feel like you’re practicing the game.

4) What level of graphical realism are you expecting?

This can also be really important, as you’re going to find those simulators that feature picture perfect graphics that have you feeling like you’re really out on the course, are always going to cost more and more.  But if you can sacrifice lower end computer graphics to bring down the cost so that you can buy a better overall sim, it might be the better decision.

5) Is a high end home golf simulator right for you?

When you want the most realistic type of golfing experience, you may want to go high end, which means it’s a full simulation station.  Typically these come with gigantic screens that make it appear as though you’re actually at a great golfing venue.  But they also feature grass carpeting so that you feel as though you’re really standing out on the green, and usually require that you can swing a full on golf club like you would if you were out on the course.

6) Or do you want to go low end for a smaller home?

But of course, not everybody has the room to swing a full golf club the way that they would outside, when they’re inside.  For this reason, instead you want to go with a smaller sim, like those that you can get on videogame consoles.  With motion control, you can still get the experience of swinging and feeling as though you’re really controlling your motion.  While it’s not the most realistic home golf simulator, you can still get the feeling of playing somewhat.

7) Always compare models.

When you do settle on one type of home indoor golf station, always compare them against one another before making a choice.  This way, you can determine which is right for you, and you may even find an identical type of home golf simulator, that’s actually cheaper than the one you would have purchased otherwise.

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