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7 Things Any Golf Ball Stamp Sets Need To Have

Golf ball stamp sets make it easy to keep track of your balls on the course. All of them should possess these features.

Investing in a golf ball stamp is something that just about every single golfer needs to do.  That’s because they are actually pretty important to have so that you can identify your ball that much more easily.  A major problem when you’re out on the course sometimes is determining which white Titleist tour ball is yours, or which is your friends who uses the same type of ball. In order to play properly, you need to have a golf ball stamp that ensures you can spot yours in an instant amongst those that are in play.

With the right type of stamp you’re going to be able to make a customized impression on the outside of the ball, rendering them easily recognizable as your own.  But that also means you need to be sure that you’re finding the right type of stamp set.  While this can sound pretty straightforward, there are some things to think about to ensure they really work for you:

1) A golf ball stamper needs some high durability ink.

The outside skin of a golf ball is not always the easiest to make an impression upon because it can be a hard surface for ink to dry. But you need to be assured of two things here.  On the one hand you want to be sure that it dries fast, and that it’s permanent.  But you also want to be sure it can stand up to impacts, so that your ink isn’t wiped off with the first shot.  That would render your stamp pretty useless in the end.

2) You also want several different colors.

No matter what type of golf ball monogrammed is more up your alley, you want to be sure that you can choose amongst different types of colors.  This way, you can go with just a casual and plain black if you don’t really care about the color. Or you can customize them with a bright red so that it’s that much easier to pick out your ball because of the blazing stamp across the side.

3) Any golf ball stamper set has to have different symbols to choose from.

If you want to be able to personalize your ball in any way that seems most representative of you, you need a set that has plenty of symbol options. This way you can choose amongst things like lightning or leaves, or even just fun spiraling designs as well.  Anything that makes your ball easier to pick out.

4) Make sure the golf ball stamp has the right shape.

This is something that not every set is going to take into account, but in order to make the proper impression you want a set that features a rounded construction.  This way, you’re able to hug them tightly to the side of your golf ball that much more easily, and discern a much better impression.

5) You want stamps that are simple enough to use.

You don’t need to have a golf ball stamp that’s hard for you to set up, and that takes an hour for you to actually use.  That’s just not worth it, as you could just buy a permanent marker and do the job instead otherwise.  But with the right set of stamps you should be able to just coat, press and make a good impression that will be easy enough to see from anywhere.

6) Stamps to make personalized golf balls.

Some stamps give you options so that you can actually personalize your golf ball.  Whether it’s something like letter stamps so that you can monogram them with your initials, or something else of the like.  You can be sure that you’re able to choose or create a custom design from what’s included, so that your ball can be more visually stimulating and representative of you, which can make them fun too.

7) Stamps that you can refill with ink are a must.

Changing around ink or choosing a different applicator is a must.  Whether you’re buying one for yourself, or you’re looking for a personalized golf gift golf ball stamp, you’re going to find that you always want the ink to be refillable so that you can continue their use ever when the original well starts to run dry.

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