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7 Ways To Practice Good Golf Fitness

Golf fitness mastery is more important than most would let on. Here are 7 ways you can ensure that you're in the best shape possible on the course.

Getting yourself fit is essential for every sport, and that’s also true about golf.  One thing that you’re going to find as a golfer is that you have to work yourself out in the right ways, just as you would have to do for any other sport if you want to be the best.  For that reason, it’s important that you know the right golf fitness routines to ensure that you’re able to play your best, and work on the different parts of your game.  There are all sorts of different types of training aides, as well as exercises you can do, and here are 7 of the best:

1) Working on your swing with weights.

This is a really important part of golf fitness equipment to have, and you need some form of weighted or resistance method to build up the strength in your arms to swing the club hard.  This way, you’ll be driving better than you ever have before.  By either going with a weighted driver, or using a drag chute on a driver that you own, you can be sure that you’re building up muscles in the natural swinging motion you already use, which is really important. 

2) Try a belly putter to develop muscle memory.

Another part of golf fitness that many people ignore is the muscle memory necessary to know when you’re squared up to put properly.  This can be easily done with tools like a belly putter, which is a long putter deigned to help you develop the feel for how you should be standing with a standard.  By practicing often enough, it will feel natural, and your muscles will want to return to that type of crouched state, which is going to make putting all the easier when you’re on the green for real.

3) Toe balancing exercises.

There are a lot of shots where you lead off with your toe, or where you stand on just a small part of the foot.  Wobbling is out of the question here, as it can have you shanking your shot wide every single time.  That’s why you want to take some time working on your balance by using a small step, or even stair, and balancing all of your weight on just the top of each foot, one at a time. 

4) Heel balancing exercises for putting.

Just as toe balancing is really important for some shots, it’s really important that you get a feel for balancing properly when your feet are squared and ready for a putt.  You can do this by balancing with a squatting or down forward bend, by concentrating most of your weight in the heel where it should be to provide better body control.

5) Regular stretching. 

This is another thing that many golfers ignore, but that’s really important to get you primed for actually playing a round of golf.  Stretching opens up the body and your muscles, and should be a part of all golf fitness programs, so that you can be sure you’re getting your body really ready to play a round.  By ensuring that your body is ready through stretching, you’re going to find that you swing more naturally and more powerfully, because your muscles are at ease.  Workouts like those provided by yoga can be really helpful here.

6) Cardiovascular exercise.

While not as important for a sport like golf because it’s not as physically demanding as something like basketball or soccer where you’re always running, you still want to work on cardio.  This way, you’re going to be better poised to walk the course, as well as recover from a major shot in time to take another one, without focusing on regaining your wind.

7) Regular golf weight training.

This is a part of golf fitness exercises that need to be done regularly, just to build up your standard musculature.  By lifting standard free weights, you can be sure that all of your muscles grow, and you can improve things like balance and other skills, which only really serve to add to your game.  Something like smaller free weights or something like yoga which uses natural body weight resistance is especially helpful because they focus on more full body natural motions, which are going to help the muscles that you use to swing, as well as do everything else golf related.

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