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7 Ways To Work On Your Core Golf Swing Mechanics

Golf swing mechanics are critical to the success of any golfer, and can make a world of a difference on your handicap. Here are the best ways to improve your technique.


Working on the perfect golf swing is so much more than just figuring out the form to use when actually hitting the ball.  Instead it goes much deeper and can actually be a message of your physical fitness from your overall performance.  Improving the starting point from which you can build on from better form and equipment is the real key to ensuring that you can improve those golf swing mechanics and really make every stroke count.  That means really diligent practice, but also training so that you can get your muscles more fit than ever, and more in gear for the task at hand.  With the right type of golf swing training methods in tow, you’ll be amazed at what you can do, and here are 7 of the best:

1) Strengthen the body with regular resistance training.

This is an essential part of being physically fit, and will really improve your quality of life in all aspects, especially through performance in sport.  The harder you work, and the more fit that you actually are, it’s going to carry over into your golf game.  That means you want a more complete routine that deals with the muscles in your upper and lower body that are involved within a golf swing.

2) Consider yoga to improve natural posture and flexibility.

While it’s a hard sell for many people, mostly because of the more new age medicine practitioners that may make yoga seem like a religion.  What you’re going to find is that it’s actually one of the most naturally healthy and beneficial exercises that you can do.  Through yoga, you more naturally tone and improve muscular strength and fitness, and you hit all the parts of the body that are needed in golf swing, in a more complete way than weights at the gym will do.  Plus with your enhanced flexibility, you’re going to be hitting the ball better than ever, for results you won’t believe.

3) Try golf resistance weights to improve swing speed.

One of the most important golf swing mechanics is the actual speed at which the club moves.  You want a fast but very steady pace that’s the same throughout.  Adding a small drag chute, or some weights to the club is going to create this resistance, and it’s going to build swing strength more naturally, so that it feels like you’re not even holding a club when the weight is taken away.   That’s guaranteed to add a good 20 yards to your major strokes after just a few sessions training.

4) Consider golf level aides to improve your positioning.

Another facet of most basic golf swing tips, is how you’re standing before making a connection with the ball. You have to be standing squarely and in the right position.  With a golf level, a laser shoots straight out on the ground from the ball’s position, to let you know where to line up your feet.  By evenly spacing with parallel feet on either side of that line, you can be sure that you’re squaring your hips for both maximum power as well as control.

5) Remember to follow through with your swing.

The follow through is something that many people don’t consider to be as important, especially when starting out, but it’s actually one of the most vital core golf swing mechanics.  That’s because when you follow through your muscles are naturally going in the direction that you want to send the ball, so that it’s guided there even though you can’t affect the ball after it’s been hit.  When you don’t follow through, your angle can be slightly off, and because you don’t carry through the motion, you’ll never really know. 

6) Relax your grip to flow more naturally.

Another big mistake that most people make without realizing, is too strong a grip.  If your grip is too strong the club will move awkwardly throughout your swinging motion, which can cause the face of the club to be off center during connection with the ball.  This results in an uncontrollable shank to your shot, which is going to swerve the ball and cost you at least another stroke on each hole.  By gripping firmly, yet in a relaxed way, the club is under control, but will also flow back to it’s original position more easily when you actually hit the ball.

7) Practice, practice, practice.

This is the biggest tip to improving golf swing mechanics, because you really can’t get better at anything if you don’t apply the principles that you learn as often as possible.  So the next time you have some free time, get out on the driving range for a few hours, and just smack the ball around to get your swing down perfectly.

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