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7 Websites that Specialize in Mens Golf Apparel

No search for mens golf apparel is complete without checking out one of these 7 sites. Here are our favorite storesfor all forms of clothing.

While most men want to play golf well, they also want to look the part when they step onto the course. To this end there is a range of mens golf apparel that is designed specifically for the sport and there are a variety of locations where this can be purchased. These days the internet can be a good place to look for and purchase men’s golf wear and the following are some of the websites that specialize in this.

PGA Tour Stop

The PGA Tour Stop website has a wide variety of mens golf apparel available and many of the top brand names can be found on the site. The options available range from shirts, slacks and weatherproof outerwear to smaller items such as gloves, caps, shorts and socks. Some of the brand name apparel available for sale on the site includes Nike Golf, Titleist, Callaway Apparel, Under Armour and Cutter & Buck. Costs will typically vary depending on the brand name and item selected, with smaller items such as caps staring at around $10 to $20 and larger items such as shirts and slacks costing up to around $100.

Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy stocks a variety of mens golfing apparel and provides a range of ways to search through this to make it easy to find the items required. It is possible to search by brand name with some of the options including Adidas, Footjoy, Puma and ECCO. However, it is also possible to search by type of garment, color or by cost. The men’s apparel available includes tops, shorts, pants, outerwear and gloves and there are a variety of styles available for each item. Costs typically start at less than $30 for smaller products, although can increase to $100 and greater for some of the larger items for sale.

Nike Golf

Nike is a popular sporting accessory manufacturer and Nike Golf produces a variety of mens golf apparel. This is placed into four categories which include shirts, pants, outerwear and headwear. Each category has a range of options available with the shirts, for example, having more affordable tops available such as a Stretch Tech Polo which retails for $45. However designer tops such as the Tiger Woods collection are also available and these can cost up to $180. Nike Golf men’s apparel is produced in good quality materials and stylish looks and there is a wide range to choose from.


Oakley has a range of high-tech mens golf apparel for sale and this includes shorts, gloves, tops, caps and watches. These are typically designed using good quality material that is both comfortable and practical to wear. The cost is reasonable also with gloves and hats costing around $20 to $30 and shorts and tops typically costing around $50.

Iznad Golf

Iznad Golf has both modern and traditional mens golf apparel available. This ranges from the older-style appearance of golf knickers and caps, to more modern golf polo shirts and vests. The men’s apparel available is separated into a few different categories making it simple to find the type of golfing wear you are interested in and most of the items retail in a price range of around $20 to $120.

Budget Golf

Budget Golf as a range of golf apparel for men available and has everything needed for a golfer to kit themselves out for the course. Some of the options include eyewear, with golfing sunglasses available from a few manufacturers. Other categories on the website include golfing hats, pants & shorts, windshirts, jackets, rainwear and vests. These are typically available in a range of materials, styles and colors and enable a golfer to find an affordable outfit for time spent on the golf course.

Fairway Styles

Fairway Styles carries golf apparel for men produced by a variety of manufacturers from around the world. Some of the brand names available include Travis Mathew, Quagmire, Lacoste, Ian Poulter and Dunning. The golf apparel available for men is both stylish and practical, and will keep a golfer looking good on the course. Many of the items can be found on sale and prices can range from around $20, to in excess of $100 depending on the item selected and the brand name.

Being comfortable on the golf course is essential to playing well and men’s golf apparel is designed with this in mind. However, most is also stylish and looks good, and this means that golfers can be confident in their appearance when playing. The websites shown above are some of those which have a range of golf apparel for men available and for those that like to shop online they are a good location to find men’s golf wear.

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