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8 Reasons Recycled Golf Balls Are The Way To Go

We've long been advocates of using recycled golf balls. Here are 8 reasons for our strong support.

Golf equipment is really expensive, there’s really no way around that, and you’re going to find that it’s a hobby that can end up costing you a ton of money down the line.  That’s because one of the chief tools of the job, golf balls, are so easy to lose and can be really expensive when you’re in the market for top models.  But there are plenty of ways that you can really save on your clubs, that virtually guarantee a great end product at a fraction of the price. That’s why you want to consider recycled golf balls, so that you can get all the quality at a fraction of the price that you would expect otherwise.

In fact, here are 8 reasons that recycled balls are the best choice for you, whether you’re a beginner or otherwise:

1) They are so much cheaper.

Because these are balls that are actually lost out on the course, you can ensure that they are so much cheaper because they are used.  That means for what you would normally pay for a set, you can find several sets worth of balls for the same price.  That keeps you playing longer, and saves up that much more money to be used on greens fees.

2) There’s still a great selection of quality brands.

Because recycled golf balls are those that have been used out on the course, you can ensure that they come from a great brand every single time.  That means you can still find those produced by companies like Titleist as well as Nike, and ensure that they are in good enough condition to produce for you.

3) Most balls are also in top condition.

You would be amazed at the quality of most used golf balls, simply because they are lost so early on in their use cycle.  You can end up with a great package of Titleist balls that have each only been hit once or twice, meaning you can still look forward to the full life span of the ball during your time using them.

4) You can buy in bulk.

Another great point of most recycled golf balls retailers is that you can buy your balls in bulk.  That means that you can get hundreds or just a few like 30 to 50, so that you can be sure you have more balls than you’re likely to need for some time.  In fact, this can be a great outlet for businesses that are looking to stock up on balls to be used out on the driving range.

5) Never worry about losing a ball again.

Because refurbished golf balls are so very cheap, you can be sure that you’re not afraid to play on some of the more difficult holes, where you many not have tried the really hard shots.  No more playing around water hazards, or worrying about the rough terrain.  You can make sure that you’re always unafraid to take the really hard shots, because if you lose your ball it doesn’t matter.

6) Used balls can come in all different colors.

Another thing that you will find is that used golf balls can oftentimes come from golf courses that don’t have need of the equipment anymore.  That means you can find those that are all sorts of exciting colors like the typically marked driving range balls, and others of the like, so that you can take them wherever you please in order to go golfing.

7) Great way to get promotional balls in bulk.

If you’re planning on doing some sort of a promotion that features customized balls of any kind, this can be a great way to outfit yourself with just what you need.  Here you can get a great selection of quality balls that have been cleaned and that are ideal for printing and anything else.  That way, you can stock up on plenty of balls that can be given away and customized for just about any purpose.

8) Ordering online ensures your balls are delivered right to your door.

Finally, it just couldn’t be easier finding recycled golf balls when you can just order them online, and ensure that your bulk package is delivered straight to your home.  With sites like or you can find just about any brand, style or types of balls that you could want.  Plus they offer free shipping on certain orders, making getting the right set more affordable than ever before.


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