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8 Things Every Travel Golf Locker Needs To Have

A travel golf locker is a great accessory. Make sure that yours has the following 8 features.

If you’re a serious golfer, especially one that travels a lot for golfing vacation packages, then you need an easy way to tote your equipment.  That’s why a good golf locker is going to be invaluable to you, as they enable you to carry literally anything that much more easily.  With the right type of locker, you’ll find that you can pack up and take all the items that you need to golf, and you can do so with relative ease.  However, you do have to make sure that yours comes with all the features that you need, and here are 8 to consider:

1) Portability

Having a golf locker really isn’t that much more of a convenience, if you’re not able to pack them up and take them wherever it is that you’re going.  That means you want to go with those that have a luggage look about them, so that you can ensure that they are made to be rolled along, or just packed up and crammed into a car or taken with you on a plane.

2) Durability

But of course with a golf trunk you also need them to be able to take a certain amount of punishment, which is why you want to go with those that are built to handle travel.  That means they need to have a pretty rigid and strong frame, but you also want them to have a solid back. This way, the trunk supports itself, and you can be sure your equipment inside is going to be safe, because let’s face it golf items can be really expensive.

3) Amount of storage space

Depending upon how many items you’re carrying with you, you want to ensure that you have enough room for everything.  Remember that you’re going to need clothing, towels, umbrellas, balls, shoes, etc. That means ensuring that your golf locker is going to be of a size where you can fit all of your equipment as easily as possible, so that things aren’t overly crammed.

4) Individual pockets

As a part of that storage space, you also want to ensure that there are individual pockets that you can choose how you want to distribute items.  That means you can ensure that you’re able to split up different items for more easy storage, and so that you know just where to go to grab a new shirt, towel, or anything else that you’re taking with you.

5) Slide out or stackable drawers

This just makes it easier for you to access your different articles of golf equipment, so that you can more easily go through and unpack or stack up items for transport.  this way, you can slide out a drawer of your shirts, or also stack your shoes on top of other items, or anything else of the sort.  Plus you’ll really be amazed at how much easier it makes going through the bag, without having to remove everything to get to that one item that you want.

6) Individual ball storage

Golf balls are small, and they tend to roll everywhere if you don’t pack them carefully.  That’s why you want to get the right type of travel golf trunk that features pockets for golf balls, that are totally sealed off. This way, your balls stay in once place, and they stay totally secured as well, so you don’t get to your destination, only to open up your golf locker and have balls flying around everywhere.

7) Protective shoe compartments

You pay a lot of money for your golf shoes, and you don’t want anything happening to them.  That’s why good golf lockers are going to have individual storage pockets made specifically for them, so that you can store your shoes and ensure they are going to stay totally safe.

8) Overall style

Whether you’re an executive going on a golfing excursion, or if you’re just a big fan of golf, you want to choose the type of golf locker that really speaks to your personality and interests.  That’s why you can find a great selection of golf trunks made to look just like executive luggage.  Or you can also find those that are made to have sports teams and even NFL logos, so that you can show your support for your favorite team in style.


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