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8 Types of Golf Party Supplies That Can Make Any Gathering Grand

A party themed around our favorite sport can be loads of fun. Here are 8 golf party supplies that we'd suggest including in yours.

Tracking down the right golf party supplies for a golfer’s birthday, retirement, or really any other type of special day, can be a great way to ensure they have a great time.  Throwing a party is a lot of fun, but throwing a party that feels really tailored to the person’s interest is going to make a massive difference in just how fun the occasion is going to be.  With the right golf party supplies, you can be sure your party is that much more grand, and there are a ton of great items to choose from.  Here are 8 of the best additions you should consider for any golfer’s party:

1) Plates and cups.

You’re likely to be buying disposable plates and cups, as it’s just so much easier to clean up after a party when you can just throw away your plates when everyone is finished eating.  Plus there are a ton of golf specific patterns out there, whether there are those that have golf equipment, or golf specific locations and other types of fun designs to spruce up the look of the party.

2) Custom napkins.

If you’ve got the plates and the cups, then why not the napkins too?  There are all sorts of great golf specific napkins out there, and you can find designs that are reminiscent of the sport in so many different ways.  Plus they add that little bit of character to the table beyond the plates as well.

3) Tablecloths can make an impact as well.

Whether you want to go all out with cups, napkins and plates or not, you’ll find that custom golf style tablecloths can be a lot of fun.  If nothing else, you can choose classic golf specific colors like green to be the canvas of the entire party, and to ensure that you’re making just the right type of impact at all times.

4) Inflatable golf clubs and balls.

What’s a party without some fun party favors or just fun things to hang up and play with.  The right types of inflatable balloons like these can be the ideal choice.  There are a ton of different types of fun oversized inflatable balls and clubs out there, and they can add a little more much needed atmosphere to the party.  Plus they can provide a lot of fun later on to mess around with and even act like you’re actually playing with a large oversized club.

5) Golf ball candies.

There are plenty of different types of candies that actually come ready made in the shape of golf balls. These can be great ideas to have around that guests can enjoy while waiting for the big meal.  But can also just be great supplies in general to further decorate each table with the right brand of supplies.

6) Golf balloons and balloon holders.

Having balloons is always a must, as it really does help set the scene for a more party type of atmosphere.  That means you want to have plenty of balloons that are golf types of colors, as well as shapes.  Sometimes you can even find those that are actually made to look like golf balls themselves actually.  Plus holders are always essential so that you can keep the balloons in place on the tables, or anywhere else that you put them, and there are a ton that look just like golf balls readily available for use.

7) Ceiling danglers.

Another one of the more essential types of golf party supplies, these are a must so that you can again create more of that type of party atmosphere. With the right set of danglers you just get that more fun and visually stimulating sort of look.  Plus there are always plenty of golf centric types that ensure the right visual experience.

8) Party hats.

Don’t underestimate the power of some good golf party supplies like party hats, and they can go miles into making the gathering that much more fun.  But you can also think outside the box and grab some classic Scottish golfing hats as well, to give the party a different edge and produce some fun hats people may not have been expecting otherwise.


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