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A Look At 5 Types of Callaway Golf Shoes

There's a wide range of Callaway golf shoes, with footwear made for both men and women. Here are five of their more popular models.

The right golf shoe is really important, and that’s why Callaway golf shoes can be the brand that you need when you’re looking for footwear that’s going to get the job done.  With the right pair, you can ensure that you’re going to be able to play your best, but also look your best at the same type.  Golf shoes can have all different types of styles, and can differ greatly from model to model.  That’s why it’s really important that you actually put in the work to find the best type for your golf game.

What you’re going to find from Callaway golf shoes is that they come in a variety of styles and price points, so that you can find a pair of shoes that are going to suit any golfing style.  Whether you’re looking for affordable shoes to get the job done, shoes that are made to improve your swing, or just those that are going to make you look fantastic, Callaway has you covered.  There are all sorts of different variations that they offer, for both men and women, to make for the most ideal footwear for when you’re going to be playing a round.  Here are a few of the different types you can expect, and what you’ll get out of your purchase. 

1) Callaway Chev

These types of golf shoes are one of Callaway’s most popular models, and features their unique sporty look, that combines to give the shoe a more modern classic type of style.  They feature a lot of the classic shape, as well as sole design that makes golf shoes perfect for everything from driving to putting.  But they also feature a more new age sporty visual style, combining with a much more refined color palette, to ensure that they really belong much better on the modern type of golf course. 

2) Callaway Sport Era

These are golf shoes designed to have a much more modern sporty look, the way that most golf shoes just don’t have or can’t compete with.  You’ll practically look like you’re wearing running shoes, and they feature that athletic sneaker design that’s guaranteed to make them look the part of a sport while you’re on the course.  What’s more, they are also some of the more affordably priced as well, because of their more laid back construction.  You can find a great pair for just under $70 in many cases, making them shoes for anyone. 

3) Callaway C-Tech Saddle

These are a line of shoes that feature a fantastic fusion of both classic and modern shoe styles.  They feature the classic saddle look that golf shoes used to have in decades past, so that you have a really unique and more vintage type of golfer style to your game.  But then what you’ll also find is that they still make use of Callaway’s lateral traction technology, so that you can better control your swing throughout, even when you’re driving.  This way, you have the modern performance that only the latest technology can bring, with golf shoes that are going to look great on any course. 

4) Callaway Tour golf shoes.

These are a line of golf attire that are made to really give you that tour accepted classy look, but with a fusion of the other styles so that you can find a shoe that’s truly comfortable and built to your game.  That means you can get those that feature that saddle look, so that you have something that’s a more classic and comfy style.  As well as those that are a bit more sporty, but that are designed with the restrictions on PGA tour style in mind, so you can be sure your shoes always look their finest. 

5) Callaway Half Lace

Perfect for women golfers that enjoy the game, but also want to stay looking decidedly feminine.  These types of shoes are designed just like a stylish slipper, with a more feminine slope, as well as construction.  They also feature special lace up sections at the front, so that you can still adjust them to the right style, so that you know they are going to stay on your feet.  This is the perfect combo between allowing you to look your best on the course, as well as finding a serviceable shoe that also allows you to play your best.

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