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A Look at the Different Types Of Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car golf carts are known to be some of the finest, versatile enough for even ordinary small roads and pathways. Here's a look at the different types.

Club Car golf carts can prove useful for a variety of different purposes, and are made for a lot more than just golf.  This type of cart can be really handy for use in an area like an apartment village, or really anywhere that you have to cover a lot of ground, but where a full sized car is too heavy or too large to get around.  Plus you can find all different types of Club Car golf carts so that you can find just the sort that are going to be able to accomplish any job.

In fact, that type of versatility is exactly why they are the perfect choice for you when you’re looking for a cart that’s going to get the job done.  In fact, the staggering amount of options that Club Car golf carts accessories and other options actually offer in terms of making your cart your own.  You just have to start out by figuring which sort of cart you’re really after.  There are three different types that you can choose from, and you want to find the sort that’s best for your needs.

1) Club Car golf carts for golf course use.

These are your standard transport carts, and they are the most common that you’ll see used just about anywhere.  It’s these types of carts that are so commonly and frequently used around many apartment villages, but also just to transport anything simple, like people and golf clubs.  Typically they are only two seaters, so they are ideal for two golfers to get around the course and enjoy playing a game.  What’s more, you’re also going to find that they can’t carry a whole lot of weight beyond just a few golf clubs, so they are not ideal for actually hauling material.

2) Utility Club Car golf carts

These are much more durable, and have more heavy duty golf cart batteries to get the job done.  This is what you want if you’re operating anywhere that you need the smaller cart size, but you need them to be able to haul a lot of weight.  For example, you can see these types of carts in use in airports, because they are able to haul a lot of baggage, as well as people, so they can be perfect for transporting people throughout the area.  With this type of cart, you can tackle some really big jobs without too much trouble, and ensure that you can carry much more than your ordinary cart.

3) Custom Club Car golf carts.

These are carts made to your specifications so that you can use them for whatever you would like to use them for.  With these, you can ensure that you’re able to conform them to any need, whether you have more utility uses like an extended flatbed, toolboxes, or racks for things like ladders as well.  You can have just about any type of cart designed that you could want to make sure that you have the easy and reliable transport that you really need to get any type of job done. 

But of course, where you buy your Club Car golf carts is also really important, so that you can be sure that you’re able to find a fair priced deal. The problem with buying sometimes, is that the prices can be extremely high for a cart that you’re not necessarily going to use that often.  Most typically you can expect price points of around $5,000 and up, with the more custom or heavy duty models costing higher at the upper end of the spectrum.

That’s also why you may want to look into used golf carts, so that you can save a bit of money on your purchase.  Through sites like you can browse all sorts of used golf carts, new or even refurbished models as well.  But then you can look for all the accessories you need to make your Club Cart vehicle your own through a site like  That way, you can be sure that you’re able to find any accessories you might want, such as rain covers, radios, and anything else you could want.

But you can also visit the Club Car golf carts website, to get a better idea of the types of carts they offer that you can purchase, through the company site at

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