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Adding Callaway Golf Sets To Your Gear Collection

Callaway golf sets can be a great option for any golfer looking for high quality clubs. Here's a look at some of the many types available.

Being a first time golf club buyer can be pretty rough, as tracking down the right types of equipment is hopelessly complicated if you don’t really know a whole lot about the sport.  But not to worry, as that’s why every company makes it easy with golf club sets most of the time.  However, still finding what you need there can be hard, and that’s why you have to really look at what’s on offer.  For example, going with Callaway golf sets is already a good decision yes, but you have to know what you’re getting from them, and what you are going to be able to expect in return.

You’ll find that there are a few different types of golf club sets out there, and it’s not always so easy to figure out which one you want to go with.  Whether you’re looking for a Women’s golf set, a Men’s or even a junior set so that you can get your child interested in the sport as well, there are going to be a lot of options before you.  Narrowing down which types of clubs you really want to buy is never really going to be easy as s result, but you can ensure that you’re able to make the process at least a bit better for understanding even if you’re a newcomer.

1) First off, what type of set are you looking for?

There are quite a few different types of golf sets on offer from Callaway, and choosing the right kind of complete set is going to be vital.  There are all different types of callaway golf sets, but you want to break it down into men, women and children if you really want to find the best options.  Here’s what you’re going to find in any given category:

Men’s golf clubs

The best option here is really the only one on offer from Callaway.  Unfortunately Callaway golf clubs sets for men only come in one type, and that’s the Top Flite XL set.  Featuring a 13 piece set that comes included with a quality stand bag, in addition to a good quality driver, irons 6 to PW as well as a good putter too, you can ensure that you’ve got everything you need to get out and play.

Women’s golf clubs

Callaway Solaire 14 piece sets are usually what you want to go with for women.  These can provide you with everything that you would normally expect from Callaway in terms of quality, and you get a complete set that features graphite types of shafts to work with the fact that women tend to have a lower club swing speed than men do.

Kids golf clubs

Of course, callaway golf sets have junior covered as well, and the Callaway X Junior is usually going to provide everything they need to go golfing as well.  More of a stripped down type of set, you still get everything that you need for playing the kid’s style par 3 courses throughout the neighborhood. But what you’re also going to get in most cases is a golf stand bag, plus club head covers as well.

2) Callaway golf club sets to augment what you already have.

But of course with a company so big as Callaway, usually it’s about picking and choosing the types of golf clubs that you want to go with, for which they have tons of options here as well.  You’ll find that you can choose amongst all sorts of fantastic potential choices, and they are going to include great irons sets like:

Callaway Diablo Edge Iron set

This features irons 3 to PW and features everything that you need to play a round of golf with the quality of Callaway’s Diablo Edge line backing you up.  While you may not need to take every single iron with you to go golfing, the beauty of the set is that you still get them so that you can pick and choose what goes with you on any given day.

Callaway X-20 Irons sets

These typically come with irons 4 to PW and they usually have the steel shafts reminiscent of Callaway’s signature designs.  You’ll also find that they actually pack a massive punch, though you do need a really fast swing speed to use them effectively.  So long as you have the muscle, these can be great irons to augment any callaway golf sets.

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