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An Overview of New Balance Golf Shoes

Looking for a high perfomance and comfortable form of footwear on the course? Look no further than New Balance golf shoes, which we cover in this article.

There is a range of equipment needed to play golf and getting kitted out with comfortable and practical golf wear can help a golfer on the course. This is especially true with golf shoes and there are a variety of manufacturers that produce these. A company that produces good quality golfing footwear is the New Balance Group, and New Balance golf shoes are an option to consider for anyone that plays the sport.


New Balance was founded in the early 1900’s and started out as an arch support company. However, in its 100 years or so of history it has grown into a leading producer of athletic wear and sells its products under a range of brand names including New Balance, Aravon and Dunham. It produces footwear for a range of sporting activities, with New Balance golf shoes being an example of this.

New Balance golf shoe options

New Balance typically provides the athletic shoes they produce an identification number, rather than a name. It is only relatively recently that they have started to produce golf shoes and the options they have available include the older 1250 series and newer 1275 series. These are typically produced in white, black or a combination of these two colors and are manufactured using a full grain leather upper and a solid rubber outsole. This makes New Balance golf shoes both stylish and durable and they are produced for both men and women golfers.


Wearing shoes that fit correctly is an essential requirement for remaining comfortable during the walking required while playing a round of golf. While many golf shoes come in a variety of lengths, not all are produced in different widths. However New Balance golf shoes are a brand that are produced in a range of lengths and widths, which generally makes it easier to find a pair that fits the feet both snugly and comfortably. The widths available typically range for very narrow to very wide and this ensures that whatever width of feet a person has, they should be able to find an appropriate size that fits well.


New Balance golf shoes are typically manufactured with a range of features that are designed to make them ideal for the golf course. The leather uppers are breathable to keep feet comfortable, but are also waterproof to ensure that feet remain dry even when playing in the wettest of weather. The 1275 series also features a Dri-Lex lining which is designed to offer sweat control and a Poliyou performance insert which provides the feet with antibacterial protection. All golf shoes by New Balance include ABSORB cushioning in the heel and forefoot and this provides a degree of shock absorption for the feet. Other features include Scorpion stinger spikes for added traction to help ensure the foot does not slip during the swing and a polyurethane midsole which cushions the foot. The various features on golf shoes by New Balance can make them a practical choice.

Where to buy

For those looking to purchase New Balance golf shoes, they can be found for sale at a few locations. New Balance themselves have an online store where their newer range of footwear can be found for sale. There are also other online stores where golf shoes by New Balance are stocked. A Perfect Dealer is an example of this and they have New Balance golf footwear in a few styles and sizes.


The cost of New Balance golfing footwear is not overly expensive in comparison to other options on the market. Typically they can be found for sale for just above the $100 mark. A pair of men’s 1250 golf shoes retail for around $115 from A Perfect Dealer while a pair of women’s 1275 golf shoes from the same retailer is available for a price of $110. This is typical of the cost of New Balance golfing footwear.

Golf footwear is an important part of a golfer’s kit and having the right pair of shoes can help to keep them comfortable on the course. With the benefits to be gained by owning a pair of New Balance golf shoes they can be a good choice, and for most golfers they can be a relatively affordable, practical and stylish option.

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